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    Treasure Planet world?

    Treasure Planet IS disney, and it's one of my favorite movies, and it has a "world" of its own: Montressor, and the whole space theme is really cool. I think it'd make a great world for a future KH videogame, with Jim Hawkins as the character Sora meets. Agree?
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    Finding the gravity card

    level 99?! wow...I'm not so sure, I haven't ever noticed a card called "Gravity." Well, I know that Genie does Graviga and Stopra...sorry I can't help much. I also know that it is a card with a black/purple ball on it...Sorry! By the way, great job on the Level 99 thing
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    Book of Pooh

    I didn't even talk to any of Pooh's friends...i got to the end successfully...:)
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    "Mushu" card?

    hm...thank you everyone! I'll try that Key to REwards in Hollow Bastion
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    "Mushu" card?

    Some of the new sleights I learn require the Mushu card, but whenever I go to a moogle to get new cards I see no Mushu! ANyone know why?:confused:
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    The Kingdom Hearts 2 Musical

    Everything about it was amazing except for the High Schoo Musical junk...for some reason I don't...um...how do i say this...LIKE high school musical...
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    Song in the Beginning of CoM?

    Oh, thanks so much!!! I should've known that...:D :D :D
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    Song in the Beginning of CoM?

    In the beginning when you turn the game on and it says "new game" or "continue," what song is that? THanks for your help...
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    Lexaeus's Name

    I know this doesn't help and is really idiotic, but I pronounce is "Lexus" for some reason. I know, that was stupid...
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    Were these KH2FM pictures discovered yet?

    I'm just wondering, because I've never seen these before: Neo Crisis - #1 Source For Square-Enix, Anime, and Gaming
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    kh2 poll

    Way to go for Axel! I guess lots of people like Kingdom Hearts's most badass character. :D :D
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    My theory on who is who in the secret ending

    That's a very reasonable theory. Your theory does match up with the game, as you listed to back it up. Great job!
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    I Need Help!!!!!!!!

    Marluxia? Well, a lot of HP helps - it prevents you from dying so quickly. Marluxia is quite difficult, but if you're talking about the final battle you have to destroy his automobile first...i think. If it's just in Castle Oblivion, try to use powerful sleights and dodge roll a lot.
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    Yeah, guess you're right - part of who she is.
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    The Ultimate COM 'Favorites' Thread

    Game Mode: Sora Mode Character: Cloud Organization Member: Axel World: DEstiny Islands Keyblade Card: Oathkeeper Magic Card: Curaga Summon Card: Cloud Enemy Card: Larxene Ability: Card Combos Boss Battle: Axel Quote: "Soon you'll forget me." -Namine Scene: The end of Sora's mode
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    I hate Larxene. What a brat. Also I truly think Marluxia and Vexen should have been women. Seriously. Why, Tetsuya Nomura, WHY?
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    have you beaten the game?

    I've beat the game as Sora, but now I'm Riku. It's hard to fight Dark Riku in Twilight Town (for me). Does a lot of HP help?
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    KH2's Dumbest Quotes.

    m....I think "hyuck" is a pretty stupid quote from Goofy...