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    Could Sora Be The Master of Masters?

    "(MX recreating the keyblade war, inhereting the No Name Keyblade etc.). So if Sora went maverick after that the keyblade war wouldn't have existed in the first place since Sora would just be Sora at that point and would have no reason to travel back in time. " Can you elaborate? If Sora went...
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    Could Sora Be The Master of Masters?

    We know that -Time Travel is possible -Master of Masters knows everything that happens in the future -Sora has an unusual set of powers/affinity with the keyblade so much so that he is recognized by every keyblade wielder in the series. -The Master of Masters had a fun goofy personality...
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    Interesting observations on interesting pictures

    I've linked some images- the first are the Unions. I notice that there are 20 stars exactly around it. (13 darkness 7 of light?) Also the symbol in the middle is very curious Heart and Spikes Demon Wing Angel Wing It reminds me of the No name keyblade (linked below) And upon further...
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    Can someone explain why Ventus AND Roxas shows up in this screenshot? I never considered them different people. I always thought Roxas and Ven were the same due to their obvious connection - I mean I guess it makes sense but the implications could lead to a revelation in KH3 Thoughts?