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    How do you beat Captain Hook?

    I've been tring to beat him for a whole year now and still can't beat him. Is there a way to beat him? Help please?
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    The Dark Torunament!

    The Dark Torunament The world was getting very angry, lot's of people where getting injured and killed. And there was only one reason why,to prove who is the best fighter who ever lived. So the whole entire world was at war against each other. People did things unbeliveable turn on friends...
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    What part did you not like about KH2? Could contain *Spoilers*

    What part? I know we all hated a part and wish it could of been better. So what is it and why? I say a little more extra bosses,just seemed boaring with out them. You?
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    Fanfiction ► Naruto made by (RKO_412 or as Son Of Sepheroth)

    Ok Im staying on this forever.And this is fake... Where it started Once upon a time a monster was unlashed on a small little village.This monster almost destroied the village.With it's big paws and and it's anger to this village.And this monster was named the "Nine-Tailed-Fox".This fox killed...
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    September 11...=( and what did you do that day?

    One of the badest days for the U.S.A it was hard for some of us to forget and I bet some don't even care.but we all have to think God that we are still alive and anything esle or somebody that none of our famliy members weren't in there and if they where.Im sorry to hear that. But anyways are...
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    My Dog is a man now...

    It's ture... Yesterday I was sad but I came to it and became a man..It took 3 hours but.. My dog Rosco mated with another dog..There both Pits and Red Nose.He's kind of shaking right now is that good or is that a sign of man ness?
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    Still no parents?

    Wow I have'nt seen any parents in KH2 and sence Kairi was on the island they sould have shown them..But anyways do you think they will be in KH3? Why or why not?
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    Which Celb you think is gay?

    Well,I bet everybody has one who they think is.Don't you? Well anyways who do you think is gay and why?
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    In KH3 what do you think Riku will look like?

    Well,what do you think he would look like?I say his hair is going to be long he will have this jacket that has a hood.And he acts all cool.And says "Watts up?" LOL. You?
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    Fanfiction ► Hey here's my Naruto story

    Before I post this I have to say I made it up.... Chapter 3 An Another Story.... While Naruto,Sasuke,Sakura,and Kakashi are going to the meeting. Mean While People are running down for there lifes.That there life may not be killed.Just for one person.Even if he was the hero or saved there...
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    Jackass 2

    Sorry but it's the title.But anyways are you going to see it?The first one was funny lol:laugh: .All they do is crazy stunts but heck it's totally awsome... What do you think?
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    The I hate you game!

    Ha ha ha ha.Here's where we can post I hate in a game way for a reason. This is what I mean: I hate you because.....your ugly. Let's play And don't forget...Post to the person above you.
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    Ok people..

    I forgot who is everybody...Tell me are we freinds?Foes?Or do we just know each other.Because I forgot everybody..Sorry.
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    Naruto-School of Deaf

    Introduction Once upon a time,when the earth was made.There where too perfect people who had lived on a place called land or we should say Earth.These too people had a great life untill..They sined and then everything turned wrong,now there's a place where people who don't turst in him go...
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    Hyuuga Neji fan club!!

    Yes here we are my freinds! Members: Sephy-Kun
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    Fanfiction ► Hey here's my Naruto story

    End of Chapter 2 "Wait!"Said Saukra with a knowing voice."It's..Garra and KanKuro!So you just figure it out?Well then you guy's are itdiots!"Said KanKuro with an angry voice."Kankuro."Said Gaara."There's no need to get mad sence where going to fight them.Going to fight us?"Said Sakura."We...
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    The new and improved SoS Final Fantasy 7!

    Well the last one has died sence I haven't been here latley but it's back! Co Owner:Son Of Sepheroth Vice Owner: Members:
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    Fanfiction ► Hey here's my Naruto story

    Chapter 2 The first battle! "What was that!?"Said Naruto with a confused and scared face."How should we know?Even,If im Kakashi,and a wonderfull man and handsome and you no the rest."Whatever"Said Sasuke."Let's just go and see.And then we will find out.Alright let's go."Said Naruto with an...
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    Fanfiction ► Hey here's my Naruto story

    Already...Well I have it all writen down and I will change some stuff.But why now?
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    Fanfiction ► Hey here's my Naruto story

    Alright,I will improve my grammer.And make it better and not with all the said's.