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    Its been forever!

    i havent been on the forums in about 2 years, so you guys wanna fill me in on KH?
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    Mini Rumor on the Armored People (Chasers?)

    i think your theory is probably the most thoughtful one ive come accrost, and if you think of it, they could just completely replace the heartless with chasers, and in doing so, create a whole new premise. this theory has no flaws to it, so i think it may even be true! i bet nomura reads these...
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    Birth by Sleep

    i think that the next game might be about one completely different set of worlds, and after the second one of that, the two keyblade masters(sora and the other) will somehow meet. it is a pretty crazy theory, but you never know.
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    Spoiler warning What happened to Bleig

    they can change their name you know
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    Spoiler warning What happened to Bleig

    ya, youre right. i just realized that it would mean there is fourteen members. or maybe they just couldnt count.......
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    How Do you defeat Xaldin in Beasts castle

    so did i, but were not all perfect
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    TT characters

    ya, i think hes right
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    Spoiler warning What happened to Bleig

    i know, i was just throwing out another possibility. plus, you could be wrong you know....
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    Spoiler warning What happened to Bleig

    its probably just one of those things that will be revealed in kh3
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    could you please say something that is acually relevant to the topic!?
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    it could also be like how the three fairy godmothers remembered malificent and she came back, and now sora could remember xehanort and he will come back
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    How Do you defeat Xaldin in Beasts castle

    i found that turning into master form(if you have it) really helps because he hits him so many times.
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    TT characters

    what characters do you have?
  14. K

    YRP, no where to be found...

    plus, what would they do? send evil soundwaves at the enemy?
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    dark sora in timeless river

    i got him like five times in mulans world
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    wut was in the letter mickey gave sora

    i think hes gonna make another gameboy game, and then show the contents of the letter in that game
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    I did it !!!!

    my computer blocks it! can you say what to do in words?
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    To get secret ending

    so you can just beat the game in proud mode and you get the secret ending!?
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    Rate the Game

    i know! i thought i was the only one who thought it was a ten for a minute. its a 10.0 for me!
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    Rikus new look

    hahahahaha. lol. that would be really funny. i just think that his vest is way too small for him.