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    maybe it might make sence

    i know that this is the dumbest idea ever but myabe kh should be on the wii. im just saying that the wii has better sales, its less expensive, motion controlers (i mean think about controling the keyblade), and the wii doesnt have so many glitches as the ps3. and know one can either find a ps3...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 on X-Play

    all i got to say to this is f&*$k you. kingdom hearts is so awsome. go adam and morgan:thumbup:
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    i need help finding stop

    i know this sound real pathetic but can someone tell me where the Stop card is.
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    out of 10 how good was kh2

    i guess im the only one to say 10/10. it was kinda short but i still like it. and if so many people hate it why play it.
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    gamefaqs.com character battle kairi vs rikku

    yes the next kingdom hearts part of the charcter battle at http://gamefaqs.com is up. kairi vs rikku (the girl rikku). kairi is losing and needs votes. vote, come back and tell who you voted for. GO KAIRI!!!!!!!!!
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    ya if scar turned into a heartless wouldnt he have a nobody. maybe he turned into a dusk or somthing. it would be funny to see scar in the orginization 13:laugh:
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    help with marluxia

    can some one help me with marluxia the 1st battle with him. can i have like card tips or stadegy stuff.i really need it!:cursing:
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    fighting maleficent as sora

    ya use the mickey card as much as you can:thumbup:
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    i need help with somthing

    hey does any one know how i can get a sig and avy:confused: . i dont know how and i really want one
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    character battle - axel vs mega man

    its that time again. the character battle at gamefaqs.com has another kh guy. axel is against mega man and he's losing BAD. go to http://gamefaqs.com :cool: sora won and is against gordon freeman in a week or so. vote come back and tell who you want. GOOOOO AXEL!!!!!!!
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    character battle- sora vs tingle

    not to long ago i said there was a character battle at gamefaqs.com. well right now its sora vs tingle. riku lost already so we got to get sora ahead. right now sora is winning cause no one knows who tingle is. but anyway vote sora and ill keep you posted about the new entries. after that tell...
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    character battle part 2

    i looked at the brcket again and it looks like i missed someone:blushing: . i guess for the first time ever axel is in the battle. but he wont be on there for a while but he is going against a classic. MEGA MAN. :ohmy: so vote axel to beat him. you got alot of time to think it over and when you...
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    gamefaqs.com character battle

    i dont know if you've heard but there is a character battle at gamefaqs.com. you have to vote for the kh people. kairi already won and is set up against rikku from ff10. right now riku is against yoshi and in a week or so sora has got a rematch against soild snake from metal gear solid. riku is...
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    What was your saddest part in KH2? (Possible spoilers)

    i thought the sadest part was when everybody thought goofy died. then he made me mad when he wasnt dead. then the other sad part was when sora hugs kairi and found out xahanort's heartless was riku. then the end when sora gives kairi back her charm.
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    The Unknown who talks with Roxas

    yeah it does. he says hes all thats left, you know. and all that werid talk has to come from him.
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    The Unknown who talks with Roxas

    Its Xemnas. you know the leader of the organization. i hope im not spoiling it if you havent played the game.
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    Does anyone agree with me.

    Am i the only one that thinks riku and sora are not gay. it really makes me mad:cursing: that people are making fan art and telling people rumors that there a couple. GET USED TO IT! SORA LIKES KAIRI YOU DUMB PEOPLE! but if anyone thinks im right tell me.
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    am I a failure if I can't beat COM?

    your not a failure. i havent beat kh com but i have beat riku 4. im stuck at marluxia
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    which order?

    ive been a kh fan since it came out. so it went KH, KH COM, KH2
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    How fragile is...

    i drop my disc on accident all the time and it would be fine. but i always clean as soon as i pick it up. but i still think its a tough disc