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    Is the Organization still alive?

    Re: Organazation..lives? Personally I feel that Zexion and Larxene are coming back. And the stuff with the elements I think that the EM has power of time and DiZ has power over Twilight. When u fight the EM in FM his weapons and attacks kinda look like a Clock and there hands.
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    The Unknowns are Ansem's court theory

    Re: A new theory (yay first one o mine on this site) First off this is a great theory that u guys and girls have come up with. I've been thinking of many solutions to what they are and y are they here. And I must say this one definitely makes the most sense. Now I don't remember if this was...
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    Any trailers for Kingdom Hearts II?

    Re: trailers Well hopefully we will see the JF Trailer at E3 in May, Im sure that they'll update it a bit.
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    Final Release Date!

    I guess it would be nice to see a link of some kind. Must be Japan if it's true
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    Riku's role (Possible Spoilers)

    Re: rikus role (pos.spoilers) I can see that happening to Rikuroxmysox18. Riku turning on his friends trying to get the Keyblade again.
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    why there cant be a balance

    I like what Darknetwork is saying. Only u can choose between light and Dark, everyone has it them.
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    Riku's role (Possible Spoilers)

    Re: rikus role (pos.spoilers) I think he'll play a more important role in game. Like One-Winged-Angel said Mickey is fellowing him cause of his power. Sora and gang are still looking for Mickey, so basically were ever he is Riku should be near.
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    Why are Roxas, Hayner, Olette, and Pence holding crystal balls to the light?

    Re: What's with the Crystal balls? They kinda look like the Materia from FF VII I believe thats the game they were from. It's wierd that there from a trophy too. They must have some importance if there in a trailer.
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    I hope not too many spoilers come out. That's the reason y I never got COM, it made me mad when people started talking about. My little brother gets that Magazine, I was very surprised that Disney exactly said something about the game.
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    Dragon Malefecient

    Yeah I kinda used that appaorch, I think I was around LV 50 or 55. I don't remember too long ago to remember.
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    Kingdom Hearts Quiz

    Re: Quiz UMM I thought there were 4 hidden Bosses. U got Ice Titan, Seph, Phantom and Kurt Zisa or whatever his name is
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    What is it about kingdom hearts...

    I lovd the storyline and all the characters. How they fused the FF and disney characters was great. I just typed in KH2.net and BAm I was here.
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    Well if they were the shadows of the princesses would they be girls instead of guys. Only 1 was in COM, and Im guessing there might be 1 other.
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    Do you think they have a final mix for kh2

    Well when the first came out we did have a different one compared to the first Japensese 1. So if they change some stuff for us they probably will have a FM.
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    The Unknowns at Hollow Bastion

    Now that I've seen the video a bunch of times it does look like they were just summoned. They could be sending a warning to them not to interfer or even trap them they couldn't help Sora again. Just a possiblity
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    The Unknowns at Hollow Bastion

    Im sure it would have been a good fight. But I doubt they could bet the Organization. They probaly went back to Traverse Town, not to sure where Cloud could have went too.
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    Twilight Town

    Yeah theres proof for that. I think either she says it or Ansem. It was toward the end of the game that we find out.
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    The New Organization Thread

    I don't all the Organization people in COM where traitors. Sure Marluxia and laurex seem to be traitors. Vixen didn't seem like he was, Axel did kill him under Marluxia orders, he must have disagreed with something. Vexen Im not too sure about. And the other guy(can't remember the spelling...
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    Twilight Town

    U people need to get it through our heads that TT and DI are different worlds. Yes the area were u played at in the first game is there play area. When we see Kairi in the trailer is still is DI but on another Island, probably the main Island. U haven't really given me any real facts that...
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    The Organization's weapons are similar to the Keyblade?

    Re: Are they similar Ithink Marluxia power would concesidered nature or something on that line. Im wondering what power Vexen has. Seeing as he morphs.