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    The Travails of a KH Ficcer

    Alright now boys and girls, everyone sit down and make yourself comfortable. Brace yourselves against something sturdy and soft, it's time for a RANT. Okay, let me start this off by explaining something about me: I read fanfictions. A LOT. I'm a fan of many genres across the spectrum, but I...
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    How do you unlock the Goddess of Fate Cup?

    I'm having trouble with this as well--And I'm almost at the end of the game!
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    where do u get the items for ultima weapon!?

    Here's a question though, what does the moogle level have to be?
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    I had those thoughts as well, given that my situation's just like yours, 'cept that it's a gamestop.
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    Alcohol? Wth?

    Which is weird, because technically the wine isn't actually consumed per se.
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    On G4

    Heh, I have the KH2 X-Play Preview on my iPod! w00t!
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    1up's Kingdom Hearts 2 review

    Ghee hee hee! Actual, honest-to-Buddha REviews are upon us at last. KH2 commeth.
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    The LYRICS for Santuary!!!

    Yeah, no doubt! I mean, the thing's out TOMORROW, I would've thought some unscrupulous gaming site person would do an audio rip from the game.
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    Port Royal EDITED??

    This kinda thing really does make me puke. These are the same uppity parents who let TV and games do the parenting for them and don't take the time to explain the context of things to their own children. By the way, does anyone remember what POTC was rated in the first place? Cause I'm pretty...
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    Here's a video but...

    Groovus! That was all sorts of awesome!
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    the kh2 commercial is at kh-2.net!

    Re: KH2 comercial. Michael Eisner can blow my unmentionable bits! Disney's movies and such are awesome, especially the Kingdom Hearts franchise, but other than that... I don't know, man. Come to think of it, you think given how moneygrubbing Eisner is he put up more TV spots for the game.
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    kingdom hearts 2 selling!

    No doubt it'll be up there in sales, but FF7 is FF7. That's a very special standard, and meaning no disrespect to the awesomeness of KH2, but it ain't gonna sell THAT well.
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    The Big Day.

    I'll probably be spending the 28th waiting for the 29th (when my preorder comes in). Most likely I'll be spending that day reading reviews and downloading videos whilst crying with joy and/or touching myself.
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    Big lines...

    I'm all sorts o' worried about KH day. I go to college outta state and I'm on break on the 28th. Unfortunetly, that means I had to have someone else put the preorder down in my name....This'd be fine, 'cept that the friend in question is like the least reliable person I know and there's a very...
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    Keira Knightley (sort of) confirmed!

    Speaking of Geoffry Rush, and I know this is a bit off topic, but if you haven't, I would HIGHLY recomend seeing Quills. Rush plays the Marquis de Sade. Good Stuff.
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    Keira Knightley (sort of) confirmed!

    Whooo...I was worried the POTC would be all strangers...At least Keira is doing it. But is anyone else here pissed that JD (evidently) elected to do Libertine and portray some french playwright no one's ever heard of rather than reprise our beloved Cap'n Jack? I just don't understand why. I...
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    Help on finding the high quality video of kh2 intro

    That's the Japanese version, right? Does anyone have the English one? I figure with only a week until release, it might've leaked to the web by now.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2- Site UPDATE!!!!

    Yeah! I mean, I ain't displeased with the worlds update, but STILL!
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    Its about time!

    Hoooo...I'm contemplating the horrible possibility that my last-minute preorder doesn't go through...*shudder* I won't have it on the 28th and I'll-I'll have to just sit there in front of my computer with my mouth hanging open scoping out the IGN review and dying a little inside.
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    isnt this romantic

    Yeah, that's um...a bit weird..