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    Is it really? When do they say that? (I don't mean that in a harsh way, I'm honestly curious) And, who is Terra an apprentice of? I assumed that, because he called Xehanort by "Master", that he was his apprentice. At least at some point.
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    Sunset Horizon's doesn't exactly seem very inhabitable. xD It's a desert wasteland. I still want to know if Terra is actually there at the end of KH2. Because if he is, he can't be Xehanort.
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    No, no. In KH2: FM+, you get to fight Terra. Like, it's a playable fight. And, where exactly is Sunset Horizons? I'm assuming if the location still exists in present-day KH2, then someone must know where it is?
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    Yes, yes. That is also possible. I think it's somewhat obvious Terra is Master Xehanort's apprentice, because.. well, he calls him Master Xehanort. xD And they end up fighting, so it's also obvious he broke away from MX. And it's very likely that he wins at some point, because the good guy...
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    I don't know what happens to Terra, to be honest. I think Terra's the only character that makes people practically breath theories. xDD But as for what makes him want to fight Sora, in the text before the fight, he says something like, "Who are you? You are not the one I chose." Which is...
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    Lol, also another theory that's already been stated. There's too much animosity around the 14th member, that it's hard to really say whether she's a character that's already been revealed, or a brand new one.
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    Future of Kingdom Hearts.

    Just a question regarding this seciton. Isn't it kind of stupid to use spoiler tags when referring to previous games? I mean, if you haven't beaten the past 2 games, just.. don't go into the section. It's full of theories and ideas that would require you to have beaten the past two games to get...
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    That is also another theory. Personally, at first I was a strong believer that the 14th member was no doubt Aqua, but the skin tones seem different, the girl is too short(I think, I may be wrong), and she seems young. Pure assumption though, I wouldn't be completely baffled if I was proven...
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    10 years back... what characters will be there?

    Lol, chibi-Cloud. That would be so great. xDD They did it with Wakka and Tidus, so I'm sure they could just design younger versions of FF characters to put in the game.
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    Lol, well there's a decent amount of theories behind that. As far as I know, there is a "Room of Sleep" in the Organization XIII's castle, during which you see Xemnas sit on a throne-type seat, and the room begins to illuminate. Then, you see Aqua's armor on the floor in front of him, and I...
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    A whole new princess

    Well, I mean.. and, I don't wanna continue before someone clarifies this for me, but, the seven princesses of heart were used to open the door to Kingdom Hearts, am I correct?
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    Sunset Horizon.

    Which is by the way, the unofficial title of the FIRST Kingdom Hearts II secret ending. I'm just curious; Why did people dismiss this video as if it didn't matter anymore, after the KHII:FM+ secret video was released? Do you really think SE would just pointlessly make a video like that, just so...
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    am i the only one getting the game when it comes out in the US?

    I am waiting for the U.S version. Already payed off the 50 bucks for it.
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    King Micky

    Yes, i believe that when you die in certain boss battles, he comes out and fights for you.
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    A crazy theory "spoliers"

    Look up Organization or something to that name in wikipedia. They'll give you the rest.
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    KH 2 question

    You can do combo moves at anytime, in any state. It's nothing special.
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    Official release date

    Yea...As much as i'd like to believe that's true, i will need a reliable source.
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    Is It True - Luxord

    They do look the same when DiZ takes off his bandages. Somewhat anyway...but they're not the same people.
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    Utada Hikaru: Passion Music Video

    For those of you who are actually interested in Utada's music video for her popular song, here it is. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OVPPN33R Hope you all enjoy, i did.
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    Sora's masculinity

    Tisk tisk, Jack's going around raping young children =P. I'm sure it's just a combo move...a very..disturbing combo move. I'd try my best to avoid doing that =P.