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    Kingdom Hearts on the xbox 360

    With Square-Enix starting to share the love with the xbox 360, what are the odds of them puting a Kingdom Hearts title on the xbox? My personal view is I hope not. the xbox 360 is okay, its not the best... i have had multipal disk read errors (only one on my ps2), the lag at some points in the...
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    Did The Worlds Seem Short?

    not near as meny in the Metal Gear Solid games... but compared to KH, KH2 dose have more cutscenes... i could be worng but it does seem to have more to the game play as well. i can't tell because i go all out offence and take out my foes before they have a chance to strike back with their full...
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    Did The Worlds Seem Short?

    yes it is... I took me over 40hr. just to get Sora up to lv. 60 (a first for me in KH1), in KH2 it only took me about 25hr to get to lv 80.
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    Did The Worlds Seem Short?

    agreed... KH1 hardest mode proved quit the challenge and there were some bosses that constently kicked my butt over and over again. (Cureses Malefacent Dragon.) i am ashamed to say it but i had to mod Sora's defence just so i could beat the game on the hardest mode... even then it was still a...
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    Starting Over On Kh2

    Its good to play an old game that you like over again, you might just learn something new that you didn't before... and its fun. Also going through it on Expert with out useing any drive forms makes for a good challenge.
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    Did anyone else hate the Pride Lands?

    speed is one thing and yes speed did make the fight easier, but i think having the forms would have made the fight that much easier. also on that note help from donald or goofy would have helped too.
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    News from Square-enix of NA

    Sorry if this news is old but i was looking at Square-Enix's NA web site for news on the next three KH games that were anounced at TGS 07. go to the link and see for yourself. And again i am sorry if this is old news. A NEW CHAPTER IN THE KINGDOM HEARTS SERIES DELIVERS THREE BRAND-NEW TITLES TO...
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    How long did you guys wait

    i don't know how long i waited... i got into KH when CoM came out for the GBA... but the wait felt like forever.
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    Can keyblade really broken

    thats a good and sound theory. the weaker the heart the easier it is to break that users keyblade.
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    Can keyblade really broken

    what i ment was that the magical properties makes it more powerful than a normal sword, with out the magical properties then the keyblade would just be a cool looking sword. sorry if there was any confusion.
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    Can keyblade really broken

    they are like any other sword; when used to much, the stress will break the sword. the keyblade operates under the same concept, its just that the keyblade can take more than a normal sword.
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    Devil May Cry

    I was just wondering if there is any new news on Devil May Cry 4. News like voice actors, release date for the US and anything other info you have on it.
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    Hades underworld tournament question

    How long did it take you guys to beat the battle with all the FF characters in the Hades underworld tournament in KH2? It took me about 30min, most of it running away so that i could heal myself and live. also is there a good strategy to beat them faster?
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    Keyblade's purpose

    i'm starting this thread becaues i want to know what you all think is the true purpose of the Keyblade. my theroy is that it was made to keep the heartless under controle. the keyblade kills a heartless and frees the heart or hearts that it has and sends the hearts to Kingdom Hearts. but some...
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    Organization XII members, gone or hiding?

    The Organization XIII members that you fight in CoM and KH2, are they gone or are they just hiding in the darkness somewhere? my theroy is that when an Organization XIII member is defeated they return to the darkness and regenerate. this is just a theroy, with vary little facts to suport it.
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    Keyblade Creator

    As the title suggests, this is a thread for those of you who have keyblades that you have created, or would like to create. Or maybe you have suggestions on how to improve an existing keyblade. use as much, or as little, detail in your discription of your keyblade creation or improvement.
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    sorry if this is a repeat, But what kind of new worlds, or old ones, would you like to see in the next Kingdom Hearts game? I would like to see the return of Neverland and Port Roale, with Dead Man's Chest and At World's End added in. Also, if Squar Enix can get permision, I would like to see a...