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    Chris Brown

    Do me a favor: Chris Brown marketing survey Chris Brown Marketing Project - Survey powered by eSurveysPro.com It's on the Rihanna scandal! Has it effected him in YOUR eyes?
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    Very possibly the answer to it all (Secret Vid Spoilers i guess)

    We know that the character in the teaser thing, the old man, is called Master Xehanort. We know he doesn't look like the Xehanort we know. We found out Ansem didn't look like the character we know, because the Ansem we thought we knew was really Xehanort. I propose that Master Xehanort had an...
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    Zexion's element

    He coud like put a hot lady inside a like pool as an illusion, and as Sora walks in he would fall into the volcano. ha
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    The Nobodys' Goal

    I'm sorry, but would it not solve EVERYONE's problem if all the heartless and all the nobodies were reunited with their proper parts? Was not Xemnas' goal essentially going to have the same outcome as Sora's/the Keybladers'? And I am curious why, after Xehanort split himself into his heartless...
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    Strength Inconsistencies

    It was said that Roxas had half of Sora's strength, and when they reunited, Sora and Roxas combined their strengths. However, when Sora (recombined with Roxas) faced Organization members, he had a heck of a time trying to defeat them. Is it just me, or the fact that Sora had Roxas within him...
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    Zexion's element

    Hey there i thought this was an interesting question so: According to KHinsider.com's translation of Nomura's insights, Zexion's element is "Phantom/Shadow" (New Famitsu Interview Info Comes - Kingdom Hearts Insider). The Wikipedia source, http://www.kh2.co.uk/?page=NI/Famitsu-3, is...
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    Who is the most outwardly-beautiful woman in the world?

    I know there are many choices out there, but from this list who do you think should win? And if you have your own list please feel free to post it, top 10 would be nice... ALSO YOU MAY VOTE BASED ON PRIOR KNOWLEDGE BUT PLEASE VIEW THIS PHOTO TO BASE YOUR VOTE ON, THANKS...
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    Riku had Xehanort's heart, just like Sora had Kairi's

    Quotes from Nomura unless otherwise specified. “This time the new mysterious keyword ‘Xehanort's memories’ is left behind. In the ‘Secret Ansem Report’ that Ansem the Wise wrote and mysteriously left behind, there is a hidden secret that will have a big influence on KH. As for the contents of...
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    The Kingdom Hearts Universe

    Ok I think I have a pretty clear idea of how the Kingdom Hearts universe it layed out, let me know what you think: I first assume Nomura has a tough time deciding between the words realm and world, so I took some of his quotes and edited just a little, but this will be noted with a [] if I did...
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    The Fourth Element

    I'm sure someone posted about this before. But the four elements are water, earth, air, and FIRE. I think there is a fourth character with attributes of fire. Namine come from Nami meaning wave, by the way. Thought that was interesting. Some peope say that Xehanort's real name might have...
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    Roxas had a heart? On keyblades, knights, videos, other

    Quotes are all from Nomura, unless otherwise specified <<<On Keyblades>>> Keyblades seem to have been developed since last I cared to look at updates on Kingdom Hearts. The composition of keyblades have been defined as having one of “two different constitutions”, the material either being...
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    Nomura interview confirmation

    I found this on a few websites. Nomura: It is not Kingdom Hearts III, but it is an anecdote (extra or side-story) work! I think Sora [still] has a big role to fill! So let's focus on other characters other than Sora for the following work now. Nomura: I did nothing but talk about "Birth by...
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    Elements and dreams, and Xehanort's memories

    Elements: All of the organization 13 members had elements or magical specialities, just as it now seems Sora, Kairi, Riku, Ven, Aqua, and Terra have. Perhaps there is a connection here with elements, and somehow the Elder Mage has control over all elements. Also, in the original secret video...
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    Axel in Final Mix secret video?

    anyone notice facial similarities between larxene and F.S., and ESPECIALLY axel and E.S.? perhaps they were the nobodies that got created??? i heard it was set in the past time travel? i dunno, lots of stuff to consider but axel and E.S. look TOO similar in my opinion...
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    Artificial Nobodies

    Why not? They had a heartless machine for creating those "Emblems". Maybe when those Emblems were created, artificial nobodies were created, too. And if a world has a heart, logically, the heart could lead to the creation of a heartless. And so would a nobody. A NOBODY WORLD. HMMMM. Sounds...
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    It's all about the eyes

    Ever noticed how the eyes of a person and their nobody are the same color? EYE DID! Sora and Roxas Kairi and Namine Xehanort and Xemnas Riku and Axel? http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/8992/eyesiz7.jpg and btw i know its been very well debated that axel isnt riku's nobody, but im workin on...
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    Realms w/o life

    Why is it that only the light realm has human beings? I don't understand that at all. There are keyblades from those realms, why aren't there people? I think this will lead into KH3...as with Kairi's grandmother's speech in KH1. T HE S T O RY O F L I G H T When Kairi was young, Kairi's...
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    Mickey's Letter

    In KH2, during the game, there is a letter on Mickey's desk. I think this is the same letter that he sends to Sora and the gang. Just a thought. But it would mean KH3 is less urgent, perhaps more like a story of the past than an application for the present.
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    new theory for chasers

    WAIT a second the point isn't that wikipedia might be wrong or right the ENGLISH definition of chaser does include "One who decorates metal by engraving or embossing." therefore there is truth in this theory
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: Question about the Secret movie* some people say it was a "beast" the night killed, i personally dont think anyone cant really tell