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    KH 2009 hours played

    And I thought I was obsessed with KH. I have maybe a tenth of the hours you guys have.
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    What difficulty will you play on in BBS

    If there's a critical, that's the one I'll do
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    Expections about the music in BBS

    What I've heard already sounds amazing. Yoko Shimomura does a wonderful job of keeping the feeling of Kingdom Hearts.
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    Two words for you: Data Larxene. Beating up a 5 year old? Doesn't sound very challenging.
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    Wait....like...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! D:<

    I love how everyone isn't even taking a look at the other mostly neglected characters: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, etc. This game is about TAV and the search for MX. The apprentices were put in mostly for the interactions with Braig (cuz of his conversational hints in KH2 and the Xion/Ven...
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    why do you guys want a fm bbs why

    In the case of KH2FM+, that was just a way to hype the next games. Lingering Sentiment (BBS), Garden of Assembly (358/2 Days), Heartless Mushrooms (um.... coded I think). Don't see why they would make a Final mix of a game that is supposed to introduce the next game quite nicely. I still don't...
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    The Days left...

    We play Kingdom Hearts and we're proud of it! Why do you think we joined a forum site to talk about our game? Diss it all you want, it doesn't change a thing. Birth by Sleep is gonna be sooooo awesome =)
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    ventus dead

    Looks like Master Xehanort to me...
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    Sora/Black hair Theory - The boy with the connecting heart

    I think you may be looking too deeply into the whole black hair thing, but you seem to be spot on with the connecting hearts. I like the idea that Sora can change the shape of his Keyblade because he can easily connect with others' hearts.
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    Ok this theory is much less likely now. We now know that Vanitas has brown/black hair and gold eyes. Sounds a lot more like Terra is the one under that mask somehow.
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    Terra gets baddass blade back in-game.

    MX and Vanitas both have keychains and I don't think there's anyone darker than them.
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    Vanitas face in the new Trailer O.O

    Nomura already confirmed that Zack was the only FF character that was going to appear. Plus, FF characters usually don't have much to do with the story over-all. They're just there for cameos.
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    Do you believe it might happen?!

    Another Report is a very poor thing to go on. It says that kairi's keyblade is the same as sora and riku's. You could take that to mean that kairi is able to wield it or that it was another form of riku's.
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    Do you believe it might happen?!

    Send me the source. 25252525
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    Do you believe it might happen?!

    Don't act like that's been confirmed. That's me! Jumping in to point out the Kairi Keyblade standoff wherever it appears! Up, up, and away! >=D -poof-
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    Episode 7 Summary! [SPOILERS]

    There was a rumor a while back that this game would be releasing outside Japan on the PSP. Any chance of that anymore?
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    Vanitas being a extra charcacter?

    Perhaps as an unlockable character in multiplayer, but I don't think Vanitas needs his own scenario. I don't think there are any questions he could answer that VAT's scenarios couldn't.
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    Sunset Horizons ??

    If it's anything like the other final worlds, it'll have a very foreboding name and be one of the biggest worlds in the game. Sunset Horizons (or whatever they end up calling it) is most likely going to be an explorable/boss world.
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    The "monster infused with darkness" conversation could've been about anyone. I heard it was MX talking to Ven about Terra. Could be MX to Terra about Vanitas. Could be MX to Vanitas about Eraqus for all we know.
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    I used to believe this theory. But Terra seems like a much more likely candidate for Xehanort. This game is supposed to be the darkest and most tragic one yet. How is it going to be tragic if the main villain of the series is revealed just by knocking off the mask? It's more likely that Terra...