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    Theory about Kh2 & KH2FM+'s secret endings

    Wow, I've been away from the forums for months, this is all so exciting. I was just watching the secret videos for KHII and KHII FM+ and noticed that MX's and DS' keyblades had chains on them and the others didn't too. I thought I might be the first, but darn it, it's probably been known for...
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    The Unknown who talks with Roxas

    Remember that he said "I've been to see him..." He's talking about fighting Sora in KH Final Mix. That was Xemnas
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    I know what the crown stands for!!!!!

    I always thought it was the symbol of the Keyblade. It shows up in KH2 whenever Sora unlocks a gate to another world, and it's also the design on the top of Sora and Mickey's Kingdom Keys. If you hadn't noticed this, it can be seen in this picture: But it also makes sense that it's the symbol...
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    The third enemy?

    I was watching ASAS Deep Dive earllier (I know that's KH1, bear with me) and about 2 min and 8 sec into the video it shows the number 8 thing and a message. The message says "The third enemy = Nobody ..." I know the Heartless are one enemy, the Nobodies are another, but whose the missing enemy...
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    is my game screwed up?

    When it says "Hayner - Wins: 4 Losses: 0" (I think that's what it says, right?) it means that you won against him 4 times and lost against him 0 times.
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    A quick thought about the secret ending Hey guys. I was just watching the secret ending and wanted to ask if anyone else thought this was of any importance. The next two pics are in order: before and during: I think this just may be for effect. But then again, you may notice that the...
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: Seceret Ending Sorry about that, when I first entered the thread, there were only three posts, the third of which being the one I quoted. I didn't know that, thanks.
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: Seceret Ending No, Nomura said that the four characters seen in the secret ending were not anyone we've seen. So none of them are Sora, Kairi, or Riku. They might be in the next game, but this hasn't been confirmed either, although it wouldn't make much sense to not have them in future...
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    Mickey's Letter

    Sora! Buddy, pal, listen up. Tonight, bro, I gotta dance. Screw chicks tonight, I GOTTA DANCE! Ok. Don't worry about Minnie, she has this book club thing goin' on... she's... she's sort of getting obssessed with it. I... I didn't even know she liked reading, to be honest with you. She won't even...
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    What was your reaction when you first got final form?

    I didn't know Final Form existed, so when it happened, I was like HOLY S**T, I'M F**KING GLOWING!! Then I had a damn seizure, woke up, and couldn't remember a thing. I just kept playing, and shortly therafter got to Saix. During the fight I was gonna go into Master Form, so went to Drive and...
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    Is Sora gonna be in trouble?

    I don't even know if this belongs in the spoiler section, but bear with me. I was just wondering: Is Sora gonna to be in trouble with his parents? I mean, he just dissappeared right at dinner time at the beginning of KH, and now he's back, like what, one or two years later. They're like "Where...
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    The lost two

    Could Zexion be the one who wields it? His weapon is still a mystery, and Nomura said in one of his interviews:"it's not that Zexion doesn't have a weapon, it's just that no one has seen it yet." Maybe Zexion is the one in the secret ending, walking towards to three knights.
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    The lost two

    Sounds good. So you're saying there are two seperate weapons: the Keyblade and something we don't yet know of. With all the twists and turns and unknowns in this game, that doesn't seem like to far a stretch.
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    The lost two

    Thanks. That could be, but if someone made the Keyblade specifically to destroy the darkness, how is it that it could be use for evil things? The Chasers could be the ones who made the Keyblade, but why? As I said, if they made it for defeating one thing (darkness or light), why would the...
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    The lost two

    Maybe the lost two were the first two Keyblade masters. There had to be a first, because it didn't just start from nowhere. And I figure that in order for that legend to exist (one brought peace, another ruin), there had to be two firsts: one who used the keyblade for good and one for bad. The...
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    The lost two

    Good idea, except that there were two Xehanorts: the Heartless (the one dying from light) and the Nobody (who just dissappeared like the others). Personally, I think the "lost two" have to do with how everything started (like before KH1) but aren't anyone whom we've heard of in the games so far.
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    The Chasers. I think I know what they are.

    If that is the dragon thing from the fight (which, looking at it now, it may be), then that means those people in the secret ending were in Kingdom Hearts, because that's where the battle took place, right? It's supposedly full of darkness, and seeing as how it looks all desert-like, maybe the...
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    What's the third symbol? *This is about the Secret Ending of KH2*

    Yeah, sorry guys. I went back and checked, it is a crown. Oh well...
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    KH2 ROXAS!!!!!(Rocks)

    I don't know about you guys, but Donald's Comet is pretty cool. It usually kills everyone when I use it, and you can't get hit during it. But my favorite is Riku's Session. It's cool watching the two keyblades. And Trinity is cool, although I had the hardest time figuring out that it only fully...
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    What's the third symbol? *This is about the Secret Ending of KH2*

    You know when Roxas enters the old mansion near the end of the prologue? He draws something on the table in the library to make the ground open up and reveal the hidden basement. One symbol was that of the Heartless and the other was the Nobodies. The one Roxas drew was purposefully hidden; you...