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    Having Weired Thoughts Lately???

    The only thing I'm giving myself is the opening movie. After that I'm cutting off all access to the KH community. =D
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    do you think chicken little . . .

    It's only a rumour. o_o; Though I doubt it'll happen. Chicken Little is too new. Although I did rather enjoy that movie. X3; It was very entertaining.
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    MORE English lines in PASSION!

    It's "my fears and my lies are". ;x
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Re: Pa-Pa-Pa PASSION!!!! I was wondering who to thank for the file since yesterday (got it off KHU myself)... Been on repeat since... 3PM yesterday. I have no life. But you, my fair person NarutoEXE, are amazing. *worships*
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    Your Best Deck!

    Ahaha. Level 74 HP: 455 MaxCP: 1200 Deck Name: Pwnage (I'm cool like that) Cards: 31/99 CP: 1146/1200 Fairy Harp 0 Fairy Harp 0 Fairy Harp 0 Fairy Harp 9 Fairy Harp 9 Fairy Harp 9 Pumpkinhead 9 Pumpkinhead 9 Pumpkinhead 9 Pumpkinhead 9 Pumpkinhead 9 Pumpkinhead 9 Pumpkinhead 9 Divine Rose 9...
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    Last I payed for a 2 disc PS2 game (which was SO3) it was about $80CAD, and it came in a spiffy box thinger. Maybe SE'll do something special for KH2, like release a box set thinger? I'd like that personally. I'm expecting to pay something close to $70CAD for it... that's about right for a new...
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    Oblivion owns your soooouuuul~ I just lurve that keychain so damn much.
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    LOL Walmart is off by a few years!

    ... ROFLMAO. Sorry, but that's fricken' hilarious. Ahahahaha.
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    Utada Hikaru - New Song?

    Simple and Clean is so boring now. =[ A rock song would be excellent. Not NA rock, that's just horrible. JRock... now there we go...
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    songs in KH

    Another Side is my favourite song. ^^ I also like March Caprice for Piano and Orchestra, and Blast Away! -Gummi Ship II-. *still insistent upon Gackt songs for KH*
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    Moon Child -- anyone seen?

    Godliest movie ever. Well, I think so. Has anyone seen it besides me? For the unknowledgeable, Moon Child is an independent film directed by former adult film director Takahisa Zeze. It stars rock stars Gackt and HYDE (of L'Arc~en~Ciel). Gackt plays Sho, an orphan who used to live on the...
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    Fanart in Signatures

    I'm not sure if I should put this here or not, but here goes. I noticed a few members here are using fanart for avatars and signatures. That's fine and dandy if the art is yours, but if it's not, then that's a problem. Using those images without permission is considered art theft, and it's...
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    Whats the stupidest thing you ever did in KH?

    Got lost in Monstro a couple'o times. That was excellent. Oh, and I didn't find the save point in King Triton's throne room in Atlantica until after I beat the game. I kept going back to the open area to save. Gwahaha.
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    Which path would you choose?

    Dawn. Really now, is there anything else that people in this day and age walk down anyways? I'd keep with what I'm going at right now.
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    2nd disk 2 kh2

    Star Ocean 3 was one game. It was on two disks. SO3 had alot of stuff to complete after the end of the story. Maybe in addition to extended plotline, maybe SE is going to add extra objectives to complete to add more gameplay and extend replayability. I wouldn't complain. Or maybe they're gonna...
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    Holy bandwidth-stealing direct linking Batman! *shakes finger at whoever posted that picture* Anyways, yes, DD was made when the original concepts for KH2 were being thrown around (most of which I think they kept... ). The idea for CoM came after DD, so it's possible that SE linked it with DD...
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    My 13 Points

    The thirteen games bit is my thinking from a ways back when... still haven't changed my mind 'bout that though. =P In any case, it's not fact.
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    My 13 Points

    I've lost track how many times I've analyzed the Thirteen Points myself, and I've never come up with anything like that. Hrum... *goes over each of your points* 13 Points: Gameplay minutes, eh? I always thought it was an allusion to the possible number of games in the series since it stops at 2...
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    Your IDEAL Theme Song

    As much as we all love Simple and Clean/Hikari, you have to admit, the thought of possibly having it as the theme song for yet another KH game is a tad bit 'o overkill. =) So! In all honesty, what, in your opinion, would make the ideal Kingdom Hearts theme song? For any of the games. Or all...
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    KH Comic

    x_x; Pop-ups... I've seen things like that before. They're made by a company that does third-party work for Disney. You get lots of comics like that in European countries.