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    Riku's Keyblade?!

    He's right, the Lost Heart does NOT have a keychain on it. I've only fought Riku II once (beat him the FIRST TIME!!!!) and Sora throws what ever Keyblade he's using away as he stabes himself. If your brothers were using the Metal Choboco, the keychain would have shown. And, yes: the Lost Heart...
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    Riku-Keyblade: I meant she made the whole Organization thing, yes. All that WE saw happen was her playing with memories...she could've done it.
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    It's just a memory. Why would he go and find someone who cahnged his memory? Yes, he forgave her, but it's possible that the memory brought back isn't a positive. Maybe that will disappear like it did before. There are too many things against that. She left Castle Oblivion after talking with...
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    Signature Picture Help

    :confused: Eh, when I have a signature picture to put in my signature, like I have it in my computer, how do I get it in there? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!
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    I'm afraid I'm a n00b. I've been on here a while, and just realized that there is a "New Members" forum. *smacks forehead* Anywho, hi. All I want from this is a kick-ass Riku sig. :P I'm so cruel...
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    Body and Soul

    And once he went into darkness, apparently the epidemic didn't matter anymore, he needed hearts to create nature Heartless, doubling his capacity to create Heartless, natural and artifical. I hope that spelt it out.
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    What do you think about Dusk?

    Actually, I'm with the soul thing. This would link to the BHK = part of Sora theory where BHK is part of Sora's being (whether it's mind soul or body we don;t know), but if it IS the soul theory, are the minds and bodies the unknowns? Just a theory (attached to two others :P)
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    something i noticed in deep dive

    I do believe he is talking about his "Sora into half theory" at the beginning of the thread. READ IT.
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    something i noticed in deep dive

    In the CoM forums, there is a text dump so you follow along in there. Just makes it easier. Buying CoM probably isn;t the best idea...Im not hinting at anything, but it got a little repetitive, but it was a good game. Weigh out the factors, then choose.
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    something i noticed in deep dive

    I know what you are talking about, Ive read the whole thread. I won't talk on anything unless Ive read it.
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    something i noticed in deep dive

    HA! I've beaten both games, everything (or everything I can get on the America) in Kingdom Hearts and Reverse/Rebirth Mode In CoM. I think not.:D
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    something i noticed in deep dive

    I guess it would depend on if the heart could be seperated (in the first place) and how valuable the black heart was. Like if a favorite memory or fact was in the black heart, most likely, the red heart would remember it.
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    something i noticed in deep dive

    Oh, so Sora couldn't be the memory, unless he's the body, but then he'd be the soul...that scraps my idea...
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    something i noticed in deep dive

    Maybe there are THREE Sora-esque charactors and Sora isn't really Sora at all? He could be the memory, heart, or the body. I think it would be the memory 'cause he has odd dreams...
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    CAUTION: WILD THEORY WHICH IS MERELY THEORY!!!! What if Namine is just a girl who was lonely and created all this? I mean, she had the capability and the motive. She was possibly shocked at the end when Sora chose to have memories with Kairi, because the whole thing was just to...
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    something i noticed in deep dive

    To complete the thought, a body without a heart or soul is a shell. Like if you've played CoM, when Riku finally encounters people on Destiny Island, they can't do anything because they are shells; they are just memories of Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie. And dark memories at that, 'cause only the...
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    Need Help!!!!!!

    What you are doing helps. Use the Jafar card first, and unload on him. Use the Oogie card when you need health. Use the Maleficent card last, then, um...what ever. Have fun with it! :D Dark Riku's coming for you...