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    The "Holy shit that trailer made me pumped for BBS" Thread

    YA! I noticed that too. I was like "who is playing this demo, cause their getting pawned". But the whole trailer was consistent in a "hit - then - retaliation" sort of thing. It's stupid. I just want to pummel them EDIT: And by them, I mean the Unversed
  2. K

    The "Holy shit that trailer made me pumped for BBS" Thread

    Am I the only one who found the trailer to be subpar? Don't get me wrong, the fighting style looks amazing and fun to play. But the worlds sorta lack for me and the overall feel of the game is just... different. I don't know, am I the only one feeling this?
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    Terra is Xehanort (Xemnas)

    Personally, I have always thought that Terra becomes the Xehanort we all know. I find it odd he is always making deals and communicating with the "villains" in the game. That and master xehanort is whispering words about darkness in his ear. I see him giving in just like riku. After watching the...
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    Playable Characters

    I'm just excited to play as riku. I used to hate him so and somehow along the way he has made me love him haha!
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    Final Fantasy and Days connection

    It's an interesting twist for sure. I also like how more summons are making appearances as weapons and what not. This has been in the Kingdom Hearts series for awhile, but I feel this game is REALLY utilizing them more. Correct me if I am wrong
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    Final Fantasy and Days connection

    When I say status effects I mean the classic ones like blind and the included icon that shows up above your head to notify you what has happened to you. The little sunglasses for blind as an example.
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    Final Fantasy and Days connection

    Yes i know this, but notice I said "more references". I was just surprised, especially with the addition of status effects
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    New Magic Method: Good or bad?

    I like the old magic system... panels aren't horrible, but I hate that you have to wait so long to get enough panels to get the magic you wanna use without wasting space
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    Final Fantasy and Days connection

    Anyone else realize all the more final fantasy references in Days?! I mean we even have status effects now and Panceas to cure them! What else is everyone noticing? I wanna se if I'm missing anything myself. Also, I'm sure this is making people mad right? I have to admit I'm alittle bugged with...
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    possible relationship!?

    They did that in the whole KH series i thought. What with sora and kairi hugging so much when they reunite
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    Riku meeting Xehanort in kh1

    Ohhhh, thank you! I always wondered about that, considering Riku takes the blade in KH1 in Hallow Bastion I was thrown off
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    possible relationship!?

    I think romance should be left to the FF series (if done right) and that KH should stick with this "puppy love" adaption. Its innocent and sweet, and since the game is 10 and up I think it's a safe bet.
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    Riku meeting Xehanort in kh1

    Wasn't it said somewhere that Riku was the "original" keyblade wielder but since he gave into the darkness he lost the light and so the keyblade went to Sora? That maybe be a reason XH would have a reason to talk to Riku. Just a guess
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    BBS trailer rememberance

    To be honest when I saw the trailer I instantly though prequel! Like the story before SRK. Don't ask how.... I just knew for some reason. And then I saw the FInal Mix + and thought "well wait that looks kinda like roxas...". Stupid final mix, makes me doubt myself
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    Unlockable Stories in BBS

    Personally MX still doesnt seem as potentially evil and/or dark as the "other side" of Terra. I just don't have a good feeling about him, somethings off...
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    Does anyone miss the trinity marks?

    My boyfriend is playing Kingdom Hearts for the first time (yay) and I was thinking why are the trinity marks gone? Those were fun! I was just curious if anyone else missed them like I did
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    Here blanketed by darkness, sleep is safety. Sleep is eternal.

    First of all this sounds confusing: "UNBIRTHS are BORN by dreams". I think if you developed your theory more you could have something.. maybe. But this is so vague I really dont get what you are trying to say though
  18. K

    Utada for 358/2 Days?

    In all honesty, and I will probably get crap for this, but I want someone different from Utada. Not that I dont love her but I want a new voice! Look at the Fatal Frame series. They had a new singer every time for the credits. Hmmm maybe Amano Tsukiko
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    org 13 question

    Really? Was there an interview with all this being confirmed or anything? Cause if so that is really interesting and I can kind of see it. Except Zexion....I cant really see him being based off of Kadaj but thats just me. Btw this topic ALWAYS comes up. Ive discussed it many times myself. I...
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    Sephiroth in BBS

    Actually.... what does everything think about Cloud of Darkness from FFIII? Or am I the Only person who likes her....