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    ha ha i know how anti form works

    well the thing is anti form isnt spposed to be a good thing and its just that it attacks fast and alot
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    ha ha i know how anti form works

    uh yea its this form where you go all heartless and your super fast but your attacks are kinda weak
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    ha ha i know how anti form works

    ok so people say anti form is some random thing that happens from abusing drive buts its not ok so everytime you drive into valor wisdom or master you get like a anti point the chance that you go anti is based on this 0-4 anti points=0% chance 5-9 anti points=10% chance 10+anti points= 25%...
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    im sad...

    ok so its like 4:45 and im just about to get kh2 but the thing is that my parentswont let me play it cause they say my grades arnt good enuff. and the thing is my teachers all like hate me. like today my teacher gave me detention for not bringing a pencil i mean like wtf then she gives a pencil...
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    uhhh is this too easy....

    yeah ive been reading the reviews and they say its to easy and i was wondering should i make it on hard mode or somthin?
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    What should I do?!

    uh you could 1ask for money 2steal 3do somthing stupid (for money) 4sell a bunch of old games (thats how i got my psp) 5get a job 6ask your friends for lunch money and use that to get it 7run around in circles for an hour or two (it takes the stress off) 8make cosplay keyblades and sell them...
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    Drive Forms....>_<

    i think that its more like how summons work in kh1 the guys just go away and master form i think is da coolest
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    ~Ultimate Disney Summon~

    yea i summon like 3 more soras all in different drive forms cause that whould like rock and stuff