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    The Door On Destiny Islands

    well that makes sence....
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    what did the letter say?

    well why? before do it think what would mario say.
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    what did the letter say?

    it's okay you were fast it took me months to find it. but if you press more you can read the letter also. and dude don't triple post if you want to change something just edit your post.
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    what did the letter say?

    i can imagine it now. mario: I'm a mario! sora: Who is this kook?
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    what did the letter say?

    isn't that from supper mario ds?
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    Captim planet

    if anyone likes captin planet talk about it but you should see this first.YouTube - Final Dance Fantasy - Captain Planet
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    I geuss i deserve this.. but i have a theory and may need help

    i agree with hax if lv. is to hgh then it will crash. try avoiding heartless unless you need a sertant card to open a door.
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    The biggest challenge!!!

    to hard..... inpossible goal.......never ever try......again.....?
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    what did the letter say?

    but really would it matter if number 14 was aqua? she's in 358/2 days. your probuly will end up fighting her as roxas. And also their can't just be one boss there has to be more but were..... maybe mickey told them to meeet them in another worlk in kh3 like maybe..... notrae dame? and this is...
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    What's your story?

    if you could write the story line or travle with sora what would your story be? post it here!!!!:thumbup:
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    what did the letter say?

    that 's possible but we still need more info.
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    what did the letter say?

    true oh so very true.......
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    what did the letter say?

    (gasp) and i'm not!? i am so honest!
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    what did the letter say?

    Mickey is cool so he'd say something like this. Dear sora riku and kairi, I have devestating news... riku.... your car lights on and neibors complained so your car was towed...i'm sorry. - mickey Riku: my my mina van. (sobs and runs away) that's what he would say!
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    what did the letter say?

    so i take it it's for the keyblade war?
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    Guess What I Did!

    i am very proud of you all but i can't say anything acept i beat sephoroth with the kingdom key mwahahahah.
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    what did the letter say?

    oh but it was said i've read the letter but i just don't know if it's true...
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    Birth by Sleep

    i thought it was about the chasers?
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    Kingdom hearts TCG

    Has anyone played the kh trading card game besides me?
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    what did the letter say?

    correct but what does it mean?