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    All sancturary

    okay ill check again thanx
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    All sancturary

    ummm i cant find anything
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    All sancturary

    can anyone post links of all the sancturary version where utada says some phrases backs in the game but forward in a song
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    Ansem FARTED LOL

    Did anyone else notice in CoM that Riku always said he could smell ansem/Xehanort be and my friend always used tp laugh a say that ansem farted did anyone else think of anything funny like this
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    Abilities per World

    they are not real i beat the game and the only attacks u get r the ones you get from GET BONUSes
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    Cheat videos

    does anyone know what site i can go to to see KH2 cheat videos
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    this is the keyblade people talk about when the mention the keyblade riku had at hollow bastion this is just to let everyone know
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    Lv 99 sucks

    First off i dont suck i beat Sephiroth on Proud mode and I maxed out every Drive Form and Summon but for some reason it is just HARD
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    Lv 99 sucks

    Im jusst hit lvl 99 but i still cant get pass the hades cup with sora on his own does anyone have any ideas
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    SPOILERS KH3 school

    Since Riku Kairi Sora and the others r back at the islands wat in the tutorial u when to school and sora riku kairi selphie tidus and wakka were all in uniforms and u could fight everyone in different parts of the school and u had to pass test to get power ups and stuff like that
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    NA Kh2 Leaked Thread (NO SPAM)

    Maverick i think your still cool
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    Ice Cream

    srry to double post but this is the pic i got for sea-salt ice cream
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    Ice Cream

    i guess i will then
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    Ice Cream

    since when? i was at disney world about 5 months ago
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    what is your fav thing a character said in kh2?

    my favorite line was when DiZ said "We can always buy some sea-salt ice cream HAHAHAHAHA" that was funny to me
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    Ice Cream

    is sea salt ice cream only in Japan if so then im never gonna taste it
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    Ice Cream

    Man i want some sea salt ice cream. but wouldnt it take like frozen sugar and salt inside some a frozen cube?
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    Unofficial Secret Ending Thread *SPOILERS*

    So I've seen many threads about the secret ending and KH3 speculations. Anyway i made this so eveything about those two things can go here. Here are the rules. DONT say ANYTHING STUPID such as EX.OMG kairi's hot! i hope she had big chesticles in KH3!EX. OR Flame people for their ideas UNLESS...
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    Ice Cream

    so is the sea salt ice cream really yummy?
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    Paradox cup

    i did i fought in the first paradox cup but i cant get the others