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    Problems with the strategy guide?

    where can i buy the LE guide in west palmbeach, florida
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    Drive form and keyblade theory

    this is just a thought, but, isnt the oathkeeper light in ones heart and the oblivion is the darkness in another. so since roxas kinda had darkness from being an organazation memember meaning thats where the oblivion came from but then him forgetting everything and starting fresh and pure he...
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    Final form help!

    if you finish the part where roxas and soras fight in the world that never was its unlocked. the bad thing is that you got to keep driving to get it. best way is to go to the brink of despair(WHERE SORA MAKES THE BRIDGE) then go back and forth between the two driving at the fight scence and keep...
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    Can anyone see a pattern?

    if they make another one i'll say your right because each sephiroth is stronger than the last
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    Paradox and Trinity Limit

    if its just sora by himself all he'll do is a combo, but with friends they'll do more ,also if the tournament says you can use limits right before you enter it. read the side notes on the tournament, they tell you everything
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    Anyone else feel like kh2 is missing something?

    it perfect i just wish that sora and roxas teamed up for one showdown and then you got to play with a better Roxas than the first part of the game
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    Anti-form may be kh3 spoiler

    that may be some reveal in kh3 if the ever make, like the many side effects of anti- form drive
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    who holds dual keyblades cooler?

    I love the way sora holds it in Final form, Valor and Master Roxas is cool but since i played with Sora longer I gotta go with my dawg Sora
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    How many forms?

    once you drive then you can drive it like the others its AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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    Scale of 1 to 10 in Organization fights

    i hated fighting Xadlin with his six spears or watever, then everytime I drived I turned to Anti-form and then it went to mickey when i died, this happened like 3 times then i finally beat him. I loved fighting demxy battle was fun to play
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    Secret Characters

    nobody wat did you attach to your ps2 to play the japanese version
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    Secret Characters

    all i seen were the old final fantasy characters and tifa making a new addition also yrp (yuna rikku and paine)
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    Have you beaten KH2 yet?

    nope still training all my forms to the highest level and beating everyone else
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    Secret Ending

    thats the real version except the words that are across the screen read english on ours you can go an see if you can find the english version, but it been a while since i looked at it my mistake to all.
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    Some stuff left out?

    i though it was just later into the game where all that happen, maybe we should wait till we finish to see wat was taken out unless you finish and noticed this
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    My Personal Review

    id' give an overall a 10 even though i spoiled my self with spoilers when i played the game the storyline was still unpredicatable and i realize i didn't spoinl anything: story, 10 gameplay is awesome as simple as that, its fast and makes u want to jump in the game yourself, Another 10 the...
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    Secret Ending

    heres a link to get to the secret ending http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxJ1Hwsn8TQ&search=kh-2%20secret%20ending one question Niren: how do you start your own post, just post the answer on this post and i'll check back later or send it to djthelast@aol.com thankx
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    Credits in the manual

    i seen that i thought i had overlooked it but the cas was there this game don't have the voice cast or in game reset, but, all in all i still love it no matter what
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    hey i'm new i just have 1 question about da game

    to level up valor form you just go around hitting heartless each hit is worth one experience point. for wisdom one experience point is gained for each kill of a heartless only no other eniemes will help level it up, only the heartless for master form you must receive drive orbs while in...
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    KH2 Sora or KH1 Sora

    kh2 hes better controlled and faster and not sad all the time