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    Heavy Rain Question

    I bet heavy Rain a few days after it was released. As many of you may know, the game has several ending and outcomes. I have yet to get all of the endings to the game and for this reason I must ask that we refrain from using any unnecessary spoilers. In the opening video, it goes around and...
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    English Voice Actors for Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories

    I really liked Marluxia's voice. I think it suited him well. Axel voice does sound a little different to me,but I've gotten used to it. Quinton Flynn made Axel sound similar to they way he voiced Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 4. That could be part of the reason Axel kinda sounds similar to him. He...
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    English Voice Actors for Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories

    When I first started the game, Sora's voice kinda took me off guard. Its not that his voice sounded bad or anything, I had just grown accustomed to the younger Haley Joel Osment voice for the KH1 Sora....It just sounded much more mature than in the first game and the more mature sound worked...
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    Shootings at Virginia Tech

    Today is April 16 2007. This date, to many people, will forever mark the anniversary of the worst school shooting in American history. And also the worst mass murder massacre in the United States. I live the the United States and some of you may have heard about the massacre at Virgina Tech...
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    Roxas... Or Sora? Your decision

    Sora. I guess because I grew to love him in the frist one.
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    I need some help

    Thanks for leting me know!! MY limilted edion guilde didn't say anything about it. Thanks!!!
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    Sephiroth Battle and Unlocking Tournaments Guide

    Yea I had no idea on how to open those cups. I thought something was wrong with my game. Lol, I feel so stupied. Thanx alot!!!
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    I need some help

    Im glad Im not the only one. I was afraid that there was a glitch or something in my game.
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    I need some help

    Hey, Ive betten kingdom hearts 2 and I desided to go and complete all of the missions. Well heres the problem. I went to Hades and entered that Paradox Battles: Pain and Panic cup. And I completed it. Well the that Paradox Cerebuses battle cub was supposed to open when I got to level 70. And...
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    He Was a Friend One Day, an Enemy the Next

    ok I've got a story to tell. This is a continuation of my topic of “Is a friend or Was?.” Basically what all happened was in that article was Me and my friend Rosa liked the same guy, Bubba, and she got really mad at me for it….bla-bla-bla… heres the link if you want to read it. If you read it...
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    Is a friend or was.

    I’m Going though A tough time at the moment. Have you ever had a good friend or friends say something bad about you or tell some one something that you thought they wouldn't tell, and they would keep it to their self’s. Have you ever had a good friend stab you in the back for no reason at all...
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    Help With Psychonauts

    I got pass the milk man level and the bord game level and know Im at the level with the stupid bull!!! I have to find four Qeen cards. I have gotn to the last one and I have to fight this guy what do I do? I cant attack him.
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    Has this mag came out?

    Some of the images from Kingdom Hearts two are on the home page. Some of them are from the offical Playstation Mag. I went to Food Lion and they didn't have it. So i was wondering if it has came out yet?
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    A Limited Edtion Kingdom Hearts 2 Stragy Guide

    riku104 I agree with you on that. I usulley dont need them. (Sometimes I do) But however, I love the Pics.
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    A Limited Edtion Kingdom Hearts 2 Stragy Guide

    I try not to use the guide when Im playing for the first time. Then After the frist time I use it to find anything I missed
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    A Limited Edtion Kingdom Hearts 2 Stragy Guide

    The Guy told me that the store would get only a limited amout of the spical guides. and also get normal guides
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    A Limited Edtion Kingdom Hearts 2 Stragy Guide

    The other Day I went to my towns Gamestop Store and while I was Preordering Kingdom Hearts 2 the man at the counter told me that so the store would probuley open at midnight because a lot of people had preorderd the game. And Then he told Me that Kingdom Hearts 2 Would have a limited Edition...
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    Help on Star Ocean till the End of time

    Im stuck in star ocean, Im at the part were you use that stupied dragen flute thing. Its makeing me mad!! Can Any one help me please?
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    who got kh1 when it first came out

    I got it september 17 2002 at 1 am. The day it came out.
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    The #1 thing I want to see in KH2...

    lol, yeah... Its funny to invision it. lol.