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    something that has to do with Terra and Axel

    how can axel be terra's nobody? organization xiii barely exists at that time. only up to zexion i think..
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    Organization XIII Portals

    marluxia is in beast's room, zexion is in the underworld, vexen is in agrabah, lexaeus is in twilight town, i dunno where larxene is
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    This should show Square Enix.

    list or not, it still is the world's best game
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    about limit form

    it makes me wonder too. what do we have to do to gain experience in limit form? hmmmm..... 1 or 5 points for a ability landed on an enemy? i mean like sonic, ragnarok and stuff. weird! :S
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    Have You Guys Forgotten? (Very Important)

    remember when we fight xemnas in kh2? while he sits on the chair and fight? he looks like a knight right?? so i think that these knights in the secret ending too are somehow connected to the nobodies = organization XIII. maybe a greater form of the nobodies (xemnas is a perfect example) don't...
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    Scenes In English??? And.... Roxas?

    so, i heard earlier that after beating the game, when theater mode is unlocked, we could watch all the scenes in english, in kh2 fm. wondering if its really true. if it is, that would be great cos we could watch all the new scenes and stuff in english right? and another thing, isn't roxas' voice...
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    First Time or Second Time?

    so like, nomura said that we have to fight every org. member twice right? and they are extremely hard the second time we fight right? if so, all these youtube videos and stuff, are they fighting them the first time or the second time? i mean its not mentioned, all it says is that its critical...
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    Please Click! Really Very Important!!!

    i've been wondering and its driving me nuts! do u remember before fighting xigbar he says, xigbar: you've really put Organization XIII in a pickle. i guess that must be why the keyblade chose you. but man did it pick a dud this time. you don't look like half the hero the others were! sora: are...
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    Ur Guesses Here Please....

    i've been wondering and its making me think more! do u remember before fighting xigbar he says, "you've really put Organization XIII in a pickle. i guess that must be why the keyblade chose you. but man did it pick a dud this time. you don't look like half the hero the others were! what does...
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    Kairi for a girl and LUXORD for a guy!!!
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    About Sephiroth

    lets see whos the greatest guy in the forums. everyone post the level which u beat sephiroth. ok? then we'll get to know who's the greatest!!! KINGDOM HEARTS 2 ONLY!!! i beat him in level 57 with only valor wisdom and master maxed up in proud mode.
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    i already have mine. but in japanese :$ i'll get the english one in a week
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    Weird Pic i found of... Roxas i think?

    thats probably sora, roxas cant get an ultima weapon, LMFAO!!! and thats a handmade one :P
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    Which Keyblade do you want for KH2?

    normal form: ultima weapon valor form: ultima weapon and fenrir wisdom form: ultima weapon master form: ultima weapon and oblivion final form: ultima weapon and bond of flames those are the best and strongest keyblades which suit for the particular form! we look for the strongest and not for...
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    Drive forms (minor spoiler)

    when we transform into anti, we have 5 forms.
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    wat did roxas mean when he said....

    riku in ansem's or xehanort's body. he stole roxas' money bag, so roxas tells him, and he opens the dark portal to send roxas back to twilight town. he pushes him in. a funny scene though. lol.
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    Awesome Huh? (Possible Spoiler, Maybe Not)

    did u guys know that in the underworld, underdrome extreme competitions, in the last one, with 50 levels, in the 49th level we fight Leon, Cloud, Yuffie and Tifa!!! All at once!!!!! its really hard but not so hard when u know how to deal with them. Leon is weak against blizzard ofcourse, donno...
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    has anyone...........

    yeah i got scan in di. and about kh2, scan is also an ability which u can equip.
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    Hey Hey Hey!!!

    still most of u dont know, and is asking questions. i have KH2. and have beaten all i can in the game. if there are any questions, just PM me. thank you. OR add my msn and wait for me to get online.
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    hey i have kh2. when we use magic in forms, wisdom too, mp is used. it is used in all the forms. and the other thing, any form can be used in any world, cos it can be done. and there are no specialities or changes for different worlds in different forms.