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    Zexions weapon

    how does this fit in the KH2 forum?
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    Sea Salt Ice Cream

    there is so sea salt icecream for real. i can buy 2 scoops of it at a place called icecream express for 2 dollars and i live in canada.
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    in the members helping members section they have a duzin threads about this look there
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    Kh2 Secret Ending (huge Theory)

    lol square-enix that is pretty angery
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    Kh2 Secret Ending (huge Theory)

    no im actually a very calm guy so thats considerably mad for me, so mods make a kh3 theory sticky!!!please:)
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    Kh2 Secret Ending (huge Theory)

    no more like cloud finishing off sephiroth in AC mad
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    Kh2 Secret Ending (huge Theory)

    i just want a kh3 sticky thread so that i wont have to see these stupid speculations every 20 mins, it makes me very mad:mad:
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    Kh2 Secret Ending (huge Theory)

    yeah i guess that could happen, so i wont take the chance lol:) maybe a mod will see this and maybe let us or something...just some wishful thinking lol:D
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    Kh2 Secret Ending (huge Theory)

    lol we should start petition:) then maybe they'll make one
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    Kh2 Secret Ending (huge Theory)

    is there not already one? if not then it should be done!
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    Kh2 Secret Ending (huge Theory)

    i really hate you people who keep putting up your stupid theories....STOP THE SPAMMAGE, anybody with me?
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    KH2 Jobs

    I would be a bounty hunter/assassin:cool: .....alright:D
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    Save the Queen+?

    this is very true, i have save the king+ and save the queen+
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    2 Ultimas

    this is so false, close thread!
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    Final Form

    its random like anti form, jsut keep changing into your other forms and then one time it will be final, then it will be able to be obtained from the drive menu
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    1000 Heartless battle...

    No, i actually remember jsut seeing them in a valley type thing they were in just like it actually was.
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    something really cool in TT

    yeah i saw this when i was training in the mansion and really gave it a seconds thought, im just like ok then what ever lol.
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    please help me tell me

    last one is in brink of despair in the world that never was.
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    Stuck on Xaldin

    yes im stuck on the bitch Xaldin, im on proud mode, lvl 36, and ive tried like a billion times to beat him, help anyone?