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  1. K

    hades cup!

    ok, i think no one will disagree with me when i say that this is truly the most challenging thing in the game, i barely beat yuffie, leon, cloud and tifa thnks to reflect, after them hades wasnt a proablem but there were times when i almost got killed by normal heartless, how did u guys do?
  2. K

    Beat Seproith yet?

    i think seph is easy if u know what to do and have the right skills, drive form skills, oh and berserk helps alot too
  3. K

    OMG!!! He still does it!!!

    yeah, for me i think the most important skills was glide and master form jump, thats important when u try to catch him when he does sin harvest
  4. K

    Olympus tournaments

    no id doesnt really take that long if u know where to lvl them and theres no pegasus cup, at least not the ones ive seen
  5. K

    final form?!

    try it in a boss battle in twtnw because i got it first with xigbar but he killed, then i got it with saix
  6. K

    Olympus tournaments

    yes they are all lvl 7
  7. K

    I need help.......

    Clear atlantica,Clear 100 Acre Wood,tem Box in The World That Never WasThe Brink Of Despair (by the second save point of this World) Clear Goddess of Destiny Cup in the UnderWorld Tournament inOlympus Coliseum,tem Box in Twilight Town Sunset Terrace (need to jump on the bar/train to spot it)Item...
  8. K

    Olympus tournaments

    so i beat every cup execpt the last two that hades gives u and i got above the score that it said on jimminys memo. im lvl 91 so does anyone know how i can get the last two cups?
  9. K

    *FUN* how will KH2 control u once u own it

    hmmm, ill lock myself in my room and stick a paper on the door that says "please do not disturb"
  10. K

    heartless war (spoiler) maybe

    u guys should see the fight without using reaction, 15 mins, type 1000 heartless battle no reaction, on youtube and see it
  11. K

    heartless war (spoiler) maybe

    no u cant drive, thats whats gonna make it hard, im so excited
  12. K

    heartless war (spoiler) maybe

    so yeah, i think most of u know that in the heartless war u use the reaction command to beat them in about 3 minutes. so what my question is, who's gonna crazy like me and fight 1000 heartless straight on without reaction for the 15 mins it takes?
  13. K

    (Spoiler i guess) driving w/out partners

    hmm, if anyone knows, i have a question, since u fight by urself the 1000 heartless battle, are u able to drive?
  14. K

    your hype for kh2

    dude, if u dont care about the game then what are u doing here?
  15. K

    Things to do.

    so u didnt really put alot of thought into this did u? anyways, alot of us have played kh for so long that doing that stuff would be too boring because we've played it so many times, i think its better to just wait, its only 13 days
  16. K

    In xplay preview

    u should ask this at the spoil section, they can probably tell u what u want
  17. K

    what did you think of "tron?" (no spoilers)

    i've never watched the movie but i heard that alot of people liked it and i've seen on other shows things about tron, like the bike racing, anyways, from the screens i'd say it looks pretty good and it should be a fun world
  18. K

    What do you look forward to?

    dude, if ur not gonna buy kh2 just because of a battle then ur not really a fan, anyways, yeah u get to fight, and im looking forward to fighting against riku
  19. K

    pic pic pic

    um yeah, this pic is from kh final mix
  20. K

    I know who the glowing eye heartless is!!

    maybe u didnt notice but their shoes are completly different