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    something very strange.....

    I have just seen the strangest anime creation to ever be watched. has anyone seen the anime BOBOBO? (is that the name) please tell me WTH is this!!!!:scared:
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    Help Please!

    Even though I finished the game ages ago I still don't know what the japenese in the seacret trailer at the end said. (the movie for kh3):confused: I don't dnow if it's japenese in the US version or not but when I downloaded the secret ending I couldn't understand it. If someone could fill me...
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    Favorite Organization Member

    Mine would have to be Axel. He is so sweeeeeeeet!!! I mean his personallity is so perfect. My second fav would be Roxas (should have got more camera time w/ Sora)
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    do u have to beat kh CoM?

    just a heads up but COM is totally important and I think if someone were to play KH2 without playing COM first it would be a little harder than if you played it first. Plus who wouldn't want to play it? It is totally awsome!!:D
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    Funniest cutscene

    What was the funniest cut scene in all of KH? :p
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    who is hotter? (revised)

    First of all, why is Pikachu even on the list???!!!!!!! Second, Riku is the HOTTEST! (though it is pretty close between Sora and Riku)*goes wild trying to decide*
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    How many ansem repaort

    10 in the original, 13 in final mix (also I think Ansems other report is the 13th because Ithink it relates alote to KH2) sorry if that's off topic!
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    I'd go for light or twilight because darkness can easily devouer you if your not careful.
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    Favorite character in COM?

    My favorite of course is Sora, but I have to say I like Axel and Zexion.
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    That's hard! I have no clue. In Kingdom Hearts what are those big guisers that warp you into the worlds?
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    Favorite Organization Member

    Zexion is my first favorite, I love his hair!!!!(I kinda have a thing for FF's way of blue/silver hair:Riku,Zexion,two of the advent children. HOT!!) Sorry went off topic. Axel is my second favorite, love his personality I can't wait to see him in KH2!!!
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    blonde resemblense

    Okay, one thing you should know is the BHK topic belongs in the KH2 threads. Also, if you look at the BHK's face, him and Sora can hardly pass as look alikes!
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    Who are you most like?

    I think I look a little like Namine but my hair is darker and I have glasses, also my personslity is a mix between Sora and Riku. Most of the time I'm pretty carefree but sometimes I have an attitude.Interesting! P.S. I'm knew hear and I'm a little crazy.:p