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    riku replica 4th time and ansem. I found both of them to be really hard.
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    KH2 FM+ release

    shouldnt these threads be closed right from the start? I mean theres even a whole thread stickied just for this kind of thing so i dont see why people need to make more. P.S. I still think youre negative. Even if its realistic its still not optimistic. The chace is still above 0%, even if...
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    KH2 FM+ release

    wow some of you people are negative. Ive heard so many stories like "my mom works at disney" or my dad works at square over in japan" before that its not even funny. If they know that its not coming why dont they just say so? They have to have a reason for waiting so long. Even if your moms...
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    KH2 FM+ release

    dont give up on it! But then again dont get your hopes too high.
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    The kh 2 teaser when sora goes chargin to one of the org.members

    The game wasnt terrible it just didnt live up to the hype (kind of like fable didnt if any of you know about that). KeybladeK 35 They put it in the teaser because that was way before it was released and they had to cut some stuff out because there wasnt enough room on the disk or something.
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    The kh 2 teaser when sora goes chargin to one of the org.members

    Me third! I kept looking and waiting for that scene when i played the game for the first time and it never came.
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    sepiroth fight

    I cant beat him level 36 on proud(no drive abilities except level 1 high jump are killing me). i managed to get him down to 5 bars of health but descend heartless angel is a killer without ariel dodge!
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    KH2FM+ Difficulty....

    I asked someone else before on a thread (i forgot who) but they said that all of the difficulties in final mix were supposed to be harder. Theres also the thing that they made the regular kh2 easier in america than in japan. With most japanese games if you get the japanese version then its harder.
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    Xigbar's VERY INTERESTING words

    I think that its other keyblade weilders probably the ones in the secret ending. dont double post and you just click the new thread thing at the bottom of the list of threads.
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    Dark Thorn

    Easy...he uses insane warping powers and when he revives sora he goes back and hides behind the throne where xemnas cant touch him.
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    The first time you fight riku

    The first time i fought him no i didnt. I kept falling off the edge. However, I beat him on every new game that i started. He's actually harder (in my opinion) than when you fight him at hollow bastion. I beat selphi, tidus, and wakka at the same time on my first try but i was already kind...
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    Who do you think should be the English VAs of the Re:COM Org. XII Members?

    i have no idea who half of those people are... But dont be so pessimistic souten ni zase (cool name btw), it still has a chance to come to NA. We wont know for sure until square announces it so until then try to think positive or just dont try to deny it at every opportunity you get.
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    Door to nothingness

    I was just thinking that since there are three elements (light, darkness, and nothingness) and there is a door to light and a door to darkness, do you think that there could be a door to nothingness? Since kh1 was more about the door to darkness and kh2 had the door to light, maybe kh3 could...
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    I was just wondering what kind of challenges anyone did to make the game harder (or funner). I was just curious as to how many people tried to make the game challenging and since i have never seen a thread on it I decided to make one. For me i did a low level run with no limits and i tried to...
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    Dark Thorn

    I'm pretty sure that he comes on that boss. I think that he appeared when my brother died on it so maybe you're just unlucky. It's all random so don't give up on it.
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    Star door

    Re: star door I don't remember any star door. But i know that there is a door in the alley that has a crab that looks like the crabclaw keyblade. I spent a lot of time on it just to figure out that that it was insignificant and did nothing.
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    I thought this game was pretty cool

    I liked it but its not my favorite kh game. I would play re:com because it seems better. Oh, and graphics do matter, just look at that gundum game for the ps3 lol.
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    Organization XIII Math

    i don't think that it was intended. It was just older and newer members of the org. grouping together and axel following his own plans.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Attains Greatest Hits Status!

    well i thought that it was a good game and it did sell a lot of units,even more than com so i think that it deserves the title. But i guess we all have different opinions.
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    have you beaten the game?

    i beat it 100%. The only problems that i had were riku IV and ansem