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    KH should be more like Sonic

    Hey guys. Don't you think KH should be more like Sonic? Right now Sora is just running through worlds hitting hear tless with his ke yblade. It would be cool if he could go faster than the speed of sound, and maybe Xemnas is collecting chaos emeralds, and then Sora gets them and turns into...
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    New KH3 interview!

    Hey guys. A new interview with Nomura is out about the future of the KH series. He gives us some more interesting info on KH3! -There were several new mysteries that opened up after playing through Birth By Sleep. Will these mysteries be solved in KH3? Some of them will be, but the majority...
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    New BBS pics!

    There is a new update with actual pics of BBS. It's here: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 3 - Kingdom Hearts Ultimania It will be right there on the main page. Edit: Nvm, someone else already posted it.
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    KH3+BBS. TAV were deceived. Xehanort is...

    The basic BBS story is that TAV is searching for MX. His disappearance foreshadowed a future disaster... But is there more to it than that? I'm not talking about obvious stuff. It goes deeper, beyond just being linked to every KH game. Secret Ansem Report 1. In Secret Ansem Report 1, Ansem...
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    Xemnas-Roxas, Terra-Ven

    I don't remember Nomura saying this at all. Link/proof please.
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    Ven Plothole?

    I know...It's just too confusing. Roxas looks identical to Ven, but then we have all of these KH2 quotes saying "You look familiar" or "He looks just like you."
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    Ven Plothole?

    First thing, this is a theory. Not by me. It was by someone else, but it actually made perfect sense and I remember a lot of people agreed with it. But if it turns out to be true, I found a plot hole in it. The theory was about Ven looking like Roxas, and about how Roxas isn't a nobody. Ven...
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    Neat info

    Everyone might know this already, or maybe not, so I'll say it anyway. I've been playing 382/2 Days with my friend at his house, and there are things we've noticed that actually connect to or explain something from another KH game. Here's 2 we've noticed. He isn't very far in the game but...
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    No armor in the ending?

    True, it says MX is talking about keyblade wars. But he never says "This is the gravesite of the dead master’s Keyblades"
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    No armor in the ending?

    Do you have any proof? I'd really like to know where he says this. I can't find it on heartstation.org
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    No armor in the ending?

    Is that just story-wise though, like there was a reason he was wearing it at that part? Or is it gameplay-based, to where you can choose when to wear it (like equip it or something)? Has that been revealed yet?
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    No armor in the ending?

    Oh. Well, hopefully armor can be worn at anytime, like part of the growth system or something. I would really like to use armor for that battle, just to make it seem more like I'm playing the original trailer in the secret ending :) I know, I'm weird, but I just think it would be cool.
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    No armor in the ending?

    Remember that epic secret ending on FM+? The first footage of Birth By Sleep. Sadly, in the actual game, I don't think they will be wearing their armor for that part. :( See the comparisons between the game and trailer. It looks like the exact same scene. Ok, now for the second one. The...
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    How will order work in BBS?

    True...lol. I guess this can be closed, it was a stupid question for me to ask :/
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    How will order work in BBS?

    How will order work in BBS? For example, when Ven is at Snow White's world, Snow White is alive and they are talking and stuff. When Aqua gets there, Snow White is dead. But what if you went as Aqua first, then Ven? I mean, I'm guessing it will be exactly the same. I guess people just have...
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    Where did nobodies come from?

    I don't ever remember it being explained. In KH1, it was just heartless. Then in KH2, nobodies just...appeared. I don't remember them saying where they came from or how they started being born. I know that they are the empty shell, and the opposite of a heartless, but how did they appear...
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    BBS too easy?

    Is it just me, or does it seem like BBS is going to be too easy? I'm not just talking about the easy-looking gameplay videos. It just seems that, with all of these new epic moves and combos with this new "growth" battle system, it seems like we're going to be able to easily just kill anything...
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    In what order will you use TAV for BBS?

    In the order they are listed, probably.
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    The new KH is for Wii

    I'm pretty sure about this. Like...90% sure. Ok, remember awhile back, in another BBS interview? Nomura said the next game isn't KH3 yet, but also isn't a side story/spin-off. It's more "official", but still not KH3? Well yeah, that basically says Wii. Here's why... All "official" KH...
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    (Spoiler) So, who thinks the final battle sucked?

    Re: So, who thinks the final battle sucked? I didn't realize everyone here took everything so seriously, damn. (Referring to the Ps2 comment) So, I guess, despite it being perfectly fine on the DS, I guess that also makes it more epic. I mean, after all, the DS has better graphics and...