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    Ar Tonelico

    Hmmmm Since I haven't seen a thread for this game yet... which is weird because the game is so good! So I'll leave this here... Ar Tonelico 1 and 2! Discuss and opinions... and what about those glitches is AT 2... >_>
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    Zexions Weapon

    Re: Zexions Wepon Lol Zexion makes it okay to get owned by a book X3
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    Why did Org. XIII come to the KH series?

    Also, because Nomura says so X3
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    Why did Org. XIII come to the KH series?

    Wow you really put what I wanted to say in excellent phrases. I agree with you all the way. I also think that depth that was added to the story also brought it from the cutesy Disney game, which people mistake KH games for when they first encounter them, to something that was much darker in...
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    Oh man I so know what you mean!!! lol Everyone who saw me playing FM+ would always say " How can you play that? Can you read it, because I wouldn't be able too." --_-- I kept telling them, if you played the english version ( which they had) its not that difficult @_@ It was actually more fun...
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    Limit Form

    I personally like playing Final mix over the American, but not just because of the extras but because it feels like I'm playing a game close to its original form * in japanese* lol The Roxas fight would have been nice, but the reason why they wouldn't bring Final Mix to the States because they...
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    FM+ Old Clothes Drive Form

    Yay! Thanks I've wondering for a long time what it was... lol
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    FM+ Old Clothes Drive Form

    I really don't know lol
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    FM+ Old Clothes Drive Form

    Its okay ^^
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    FM+ Old Clothes Drive Form

    Not all forms level up the same way tho. For example, Final Form levels up by killing nobodies, Master levels by collecting drive balls. So I'm assuming Limit levels in a similar way, but just don't know what
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    FM+ Old Clothes Drive Form

    Speaking of Limit form, does anyone know how to level it up?