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  1. PkmnTrainerJ

    KH3D Event to be held March 3rd + Memoirs menu in Kingdom Hearts 3D!

    It's a good idea. There's a lot to cover for newcomers or people that haven't played recently. Obviously it'll be unlocked as you progress through game as it won't all be relevant straight away. No point giving information on Vanitas before you see him for example.
  2. PkmnTrainerJ

    Xemnas and Xehanort

    I get that young MX is appearing in the realm of sleep in DDD and appearing with "other people of the darkness" and old MX has reformed in the real world I due to Xemnas and Ansem SoD's defeat. In the recent trailer though, Ansem is holding Riku down, whilst old MX is sitting in Where Nothing...
  3. PkmnTrainerJ

    Red-Eyed Unknown

    Could it not be the Nobody form of the Heartless that Aqua defeated in RoD?
  4. PkmnTrainerJ

    Can Naminé use a Keyblade?

    As Roxas, being Sora's Nobody can surely Naminé can too? If so, what was the point of Xion, as a back up Roxas? Why not just have Naminé do it?
  5. PkmnTrainerJ

    Kingdom Hearts Mafia

    I am a bit surprised there isn't one of these already. If this should be elsewhere, please do move it. If you don't know what mafia is, see the spoiler box: Okay, so during the day phase, everyone can RP as much as they like, though it mustn't reveal who you are, unless you intend to do so...
  6. PkmnTrainerJ

    Malificent & Pete - The Castle That Never Was

    Malificent says she'll claim The Castle That Never Was for herself in Kingdom Hearts II, so did she? Is that where she and Pete operate from in Re:coded? I am aware a lot of it was destroyed, but I'm sure it's not too much for Malificent to fix with some magic.
  7. PkmnTrainerJ

    Deep Jungle - Storyline wise

    So I know that they haven't used Deep Jungle since the first game because of the Burroughs not wanting to give rights for them to use it, or something along those lines, but is it explained at any point in CoM or KH2 as to whether or not Sora remembers it? Surely Sora needed all of his memories...
  8. PkmnTrainerJ

    Sora's memories awaken in the world of sleep?

    Xion's memories of her time are within Sora though surely? When she crystalised, the memories went back to Sora along with memories that she gained herself. I think Naminé says in CoM, that she can't make a person ever truly forget their memories, so whilst no-one remembers, the memories are...
  9. PkmnTrainerJ

    Sora's memories awaken in the world of sleep?

    Seeing as they're going to the "world of sleep", is it a thing to make Sora(and by extension Ven, Xion etc.)'s sleeping memories of before come to the surface, and that's a key to passing the MoM. Seeing as Riku has had interactions with Xion, he can help Sora if he starts to remember that, and...
  10. PkmnTrainerJ

    TGS Trailer officially released! (JP and Eng. Subbed trailers in first post)

    Re: TGS Trailer officially released! No news and then tons! Neku thing seems interesting. Mixed on the "pets" thing. Riku looks more masculine now with his hair cut. Love the clothes. Seems like Ienzo and Even become Zexion and Vexen unwillingly, so I suppose that might explain why Zexion...
  11. PkmnTrainerJ

    Where was Mickey?

    Mickey appears to Riku, as an illusion and things quite a while before he appears. Where is he before he actually appears in person? In Castle Oblivion, or is it not answered?
  12. PkmnTrainerJ

    Preparing for Bug-Roxas' System Sector

    So I want to finally do all the system sectors, and that's all I've got left. Sora's at level 63, so a bit under the level recommended, but I'm finding it very annoying to find anywhere decent to level up that rewards a decent amount of exp. Commands: - Round Blitz (CR) 100 - Cura (CR) 100 -...
  13. PkmnTrainerJ

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Series

    If there is already this thread somewhere I couldn't see it and searching didn't bring it up. Anyways, thoughts on the series? I've actually only played My Life As A King and really enjoyed it. Was thinking about also getting My Life As A Darklord or the original Crystal Chronicles. Which...
  14. PkmnTrainerJ

    Interest in a Lost RP?

    One of these ran on a TV forum I was part of several years ago, and is of course an RP based off the TV show Lost. A basic rundown of how the RP will work: - Your character will be one of the "other" survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 that wasn't seen on screen - All the events that happen on...
  15. PkmnTrainerJ

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Series

    I know these games are quite old, and there's probably not many who play them still but I enjoy restarting TA quite a bit and doing missions I haven't before. I like the system in the game, even though the storyline is a bit weak. TA2 got a bit confusing for me, though I may buy it once more...
  16. PkmnTrainerJ

    Neverland Prize Pods Problem

    Do other enemies spawn where they usually are? I had trouble with getting them to spawn when I needed one more item. Went back over ten times and they didn't appear. Then they finally did.
  17. PkmnTrainerJ

    thinking of getting re: coded...

    If your L button is a bit busted I wouldn't recommend Re:coded. I haven't played since finishing it, so I can't recall but I think you use it for a shortcut button too, such as L+X does Curaga etc. Not really needed until later, but possibly if you're tackling some other tough system sectors...
  18. PkmnTrainerJ

    Buying a 3DS for Dream Drop Distance?

    Are you going to be buying a 3DS solely (or at least initially) for KH3D? Do you already have one? Have you bought a console just for a KH game before? I likely will. I tried out a 3DS a few days ago and whilst I wasn't blown away I was mildly impressed, but there's nothing I really want at the...
  19. PkmnTrainerJ

    Commands that Moogles don't stock?

    Are there any commands that the command shop doesn't stock after you gain them? Is there a list about anywhere? Don't want to meld something and then not be able to repurchase it.
  20. PkmnTrainerJ

    Secret Endings - Worth It?

    After having finally got 20 trophies and unlocking "Signs Of What's Next" I felt slightly cheated after all the work I'd put in to unlock it for how short it was, so was wondering what the rest of you felt about unlocking secret endings? I think it was worth it in KH2, as it was just playing on...