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    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    I like all the wallpapers, they are really great. I have only one request, if it's not too much of a hassle for you guys, do you think you could create like an actual theme? Just asking, I understand if it can't be done. It would just be very cool.
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    Anyone who knows about You're a Good Man Charlie Brown or any musical

    s there anywhere I can find the Snoopy song instrumental? I would buy the song alone if i could find it alone without the entire album...any suggestions?
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    lea and saix

    This makes me think. Do Nobodies like the Org. actually age? You wouldn't be able to tell much by the ones that are already adults, but what about Axel, Saix, and Zexion? Make you think right? Also, Namine did look older in transition from CoM to KH2.
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    keyblade war and vens connection with even

    Just for future reference, use the quotes instead of doing that. It's easier for everybody. Anyways I guess I know where you're coming from with this, but I'm not really with it...
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    Birth By Sleep....i think i understand now...

    Hmm...I like it. I've always been trying to figure out what it meant...
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    English Subtitles

    In that case, let this thread be closed. Guess I didn't lurk enough lol. My apologies.
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    English Subtitles

    Just in case any of you were wondering if there was one or if you were just too lazy to search Youtube. Just want to post it here, since I lurked and saw that nobody had put it. YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep TGS 2009 Trailer English Subbed HQ I know, not that big of a deal, just a...
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    coded idea scratched?

    Nomura said that he wants to expand it outside of Japan, but it's not confirmed.
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    have you noticed??????

    Cmon guys...it's their Somebody's names scrambled up with an X added. For example: Roxas = Sora with an X
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    14 More Days till 358/2 Days comes out

    Come one people, this isn't a FM it's not gonna be english just wait, damn. Unless you know Japansese.
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    IMO Ven is connected to Sora [obvious to most people] and Roxas took Ven's form involuntarily when he was born.
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    Importing 358/2 Days?

    The only reason to import if it's not coming to anywhere but Japan, so I'm pretty sure people would rather wait...unless they know japanese.
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    How excited where you when you got KH2

    I personally had no life the day i got that game xD, i stayed up all dy and night playing it and did'nt regret it one bit.
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    What if...

    Xion might still be with us...but I guess we can't really say until 356/2 Days comes out lol
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    Is it true that in the regular Kingdom Hearts II for PS2 (not Final Mix Plus)...

    I love Limit Form just because it brings back the best moves from KH1.
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    Treasure boxes

    Exactly^ There was a rare occasion where I was standing under one and it locked into it without me doing it and i opened it. It was very bizarre. But I guess ALMOST every time you need to use gravity.
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    Xion and Namine ?

    Probably lol but still it's during CoM either way.
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    Ansem Card?

    I got it from Twilight Town in a Calm Bounty room expecting a One Winged Angel ;] but I got Ansem so try Twilight Town. And yea I beat R/R before I did that lol
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    Xion and Namine ?

    No. Days takes place during CoM and beginning of KH2.
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    Okay.. So.

    Yea most definitely.