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    Birth by Sleep Final Mix TGS Info (Will have BRAND NEW content, January 2011)

    As soon as i say the armor, i was all like Master Eraqus! Lol, you can totally tell from the boots, and i saw a pic of the armored figure with Eraqus' keyblade. So yeah.
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    Playing BBS on TV

    Well, i need to get the cables tomorrow, along with the game! C: I'm a poor bum, so my budget is going to be hurting!
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    BBS's NA Additions

    I want it out now... im sad 8( i dont even have a psp to play it >:D
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    BBS's NA Additions

    your a smatrie xD Hardy har harr
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    BBS's NA Additions

    Soo.. which one is the finished version of aqua?
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    BBS's NA Additions

    I would say, The story understanding, because story makes the game for me right there. The extra Boss would be cool, it better be a Main charater though, or it would be pointless to even having it. Im also excited about the multiplayer options, because i want to kick my brothers ass. We are...
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    NA release date?

    Yah that would suck ALOT!! woah.. i have never been so excited about a game in my life.
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    Mickey's letter

    well... thats not completley correct. Sora has been through alot more then all of them, the power is relative, so possibly sora has surpassed them greatly. And Van may be equal, since hes been locked inside him for so long. And all i can think for aqua is that she has been treaining non stop...
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    Is Ven a waste of time?

    I agree with you fully!! Ven is important and thats that!
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    a new kingdom hearts [spoilers]

    Lol, i hope soras hair isnt so flat against his forehead in the next game.
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    Is Ven a waste of time?

    hmm... i agree with all the people who think ven is important. HE IS!! There would NOT be any Sora, if there was no ven, and roxas would not be the roxas we know if there was NO ven. And i guess, if there were no ven, there would be no Van, and if there were no van, there would be loss of story...
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    Lets debate on the North American BBS Release date!!

    We are dicusssing the release of the release date... not the actual game date... and may is pretty far away... i think in the back of my mind, that it will be sooner then we expect, but after FF13 for obvious reasons.
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    Lets debate on the North American BBS Release date!!

    Cool lol thanks haha. and umm, how many times a day can u rep som1? and umm, why is is a big deal to be Rep'd
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    Lets debate on the North American BBS Release date!!

    more of guess then Solid fact, iv seen alot of posts with people saying it would be this weekend.
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    Now that we've seen the BBS final boss, which Final Boss was the most epic in the series?

    lol you people have interesting debates 8D i havent played bbs, so im gonna say Ansem... he was an annoying bitch to beat in kh1.
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    Lets debate on the North American BBS Release date!!

    Yes only 2 more days till the BBS NA RELEASE OF THE RELEASE DATE!!!
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    VAnitas LS

    no idea sorry bub lol i havent even played bbs so yah haha ;3
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    Limit Pass

    wow... way to harshen the mellow...
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    BBS Final Mix??

    I say that in final mix we will be able play as terra ten years later, as lingering sentiment!!!
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    Lets debate on the North American BBS Release date!!

    noo it took like 3 months...