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    Aqua's Scenario

    Re: [spoilers] Aqua Has... That explains the line from the Japanese kh2 novel....just wish i remembered what the line was lol but it was something to do with Riku remembering the keyblade or, something o.O
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    Terra ending (video)

    This has got to be the most interesting plot twist i've seen in Kingdom hearts yet. Really did NOT see this one coming ya know? XD Glad the stuff with Terra and Xehanort make sense now =3
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    AMV Dino Crisis: Project Iceflower

    Dailymotion - Dino Crisis 3: Project Eisblume AMV - a Gaming video This is an AMV I completed over a month ago using songs from the band Eisblume, strung together to create this. It's been entered into a contest set to take place next month at a convention. The AMV was a tough task to put...
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    Birth by Sleep Boss Gameplay (Spoilers Alert)

    A Boss battle in Radiant Garden, pretty good stuff =3 YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Unversed boss And a big spoiler YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Cutscene
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    Ven sleeping

    No I don't think so, i'm sure there's a connection to him and Roxas. All guess work really.
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    Live vanitas VS VEN, it'll be over quickly, watch.

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy =D He's only on the item screen at the moment, dude i hope he hurries up and gets on with the fight!
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    Re: BIRTH BY SLEEP OPENING VIDEO (SPOILER ALERT) =D yay on the better quality, one that doesn't skip.
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    Live Playing ?

    There must be a live view somewhere, but even then it'll be floated to the point of crushing, the easiest way we can see gameplay is if someone uploads it on youtube...seven billion times x3
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    KH 2009 hours played

    o.o Dude that's a lot of hours dedicated to playing the Kingdom Hearts series. Don't know how many hours i've played in total, but it did take me nearly 200 hours to complete Final Fantasy 8...never again! XD
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    KHII Manga Vol 3-5 I GOT THEM!

    That's great =D I hope you scan them when your free i'd love to see them!
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    Hi I'm New Here

    It's nice to meet you all, I hope I get settled in and enjoy the forum for all it has to offer! I have a very important to ask, it is a matter of life or death...uh, is my sig too big? o_o