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  1. nightless_moon

    News ► Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- at Jump Festa 2014!

    hmmm idk why but shouldnt say 2013 ? becouse december of next year is a verry long ways to wait o.o
  2. nightless_moon

    The likelihood of II.5 (and I.5) being ported to PS4/Vita

    for me well i would rather have it on the ps3 since i dont have a job to get a ps4 sadly since getting a job here in ok stinks also if u are in a small town.
  3. nightless_moon

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread - What VAs do you want to see return for KH3? i would like to see vexan to return i hate larxene shes so mean XD when i ment mean i ment the B word xD lol btw alexis i cant reply to your message after 10 minutes for some stupid reason and ill just reply ...
  4. nightless_moon

    drive club for ps4 delayed till 2014.

    hope this wasnt posted already i looked abd there wasnt anything so here it is. source: vg247
  5. nightless_moon

    New Keyblades

    yes it would be ! but imagine if they put the toy story world in and star wars ? i mean who doesnt want a lightsaber keyblade ? or a toy looking keyblade ? it would be awesome ! : D i hope to god they will not put atlantica in the game again it gets boring to me after 2 or 3 times lol xD but hey...
  6. nightless_moon

    Black-Out Glitch?

    probably not, my best bet that u might just have to re turn the game ware u bought it and get another copy.
  7. nightless_moon

    Box difference from USA and Japanese version

    I made a video a while back just to show everyone what is the difference on the discs , book and cover art on the back and the front if u guys want to check it out plus its my first video and was recording from my phone since i dont really have a decent camera around which is why it doesn't look...
  8. nightless_moon

    long time viewr but now a member ! : D

    hey there guys whats up ! : D ive been to this site for a long time and never really decided to join in on the forums but then i thought ill just join in with the other members lol (ps already read the rules) anyways i hope i wont be so busy looking for a job and such and just be posting most of...