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  1. Oblivious Light

    What level does your ablitlty reach CR?

    Do you have to level it up a certain amount or something? How do you get them to CR? I have one but i have no idea how i did it.
  2. Oblivious Light

    Whats in your Command Deck right now?

    You can buy Chain Rave around the end. And Judgement Triad appeared out of nowhere for me. My Command Deck is: Chain Rave Judgement Triad Rising Rush Stun Impact Shock Fall Curaga
  3. Oblivious Light

    KH Re Coded Spoilers quick question about Castle of Oblivion

    You only have to get one from each one. If you collect all of them Yuffie and Leon will show up after you beat the game and give you Debug Device Y and Heat Sink accessory. If you need help on how to get all of them refer to this Thread...
  4. Oblivious Light

    Data Sora's Voice

    Well at least when he'll voice Sora in 3D it will soundnatural cause sora will be what, 16?
  5. Oblivious Light

    Good Leveling Spots?

    Are there any good leveling spots in this game? So far repeating OC in Castle Oblivionover and over is all i got.
  6. Oblivious Light

    Starting Critical Mode any tips?

    Im going for the Critical mode trophy in Re:coded and tips from fellow players? I'm doing it before Proud so that Proud will be easier in comparison.
  7. Oblivious Light

    What was your favourite thing about this game?

    Everything but Agrabah and Castle Oblivion (Dem cards was a BITCH to get). Aside from those it was perfect in my eyes great progression system SUPERB story and on top of that amazing gameplay.
  8. Oblivious Light

    A little mad at how spread KH series is...

    I am a little pissed that the KH 'spinoffs' are spread acrossed different platforms. I already have to buy a psp for BBS. And now since the damn ending for Re coded was so good im going to have to get a 3ds for KH3D this series is going to make me bankrupt! Thank god i already have a PS3 IF 3...
  9. Oblivious Light

    In what order do you like KH?

    In descending order from your favorite to least what is yours? Mine is: KH II Re:coded Days KH I CoM Haven't played BbS yet but from what i hear it is probably going to go right in front of Re: coded for me :D
  10. Oblivious Light

    How long is BBS?

    Getting everything wise so far i have 18 for coded and i HAD 50 for days. I returned it but now that i am back on th KH scene i miss it.
  11. Oblivious Light

    How long is BBS?

    In a month or so i will be purchasing the BBS Psp bundle and i was just wondering how long it was. I got a good 15hrs out of both DS titles and i was wondering if BBS was even longer.
  12. Oblivious Light

    Re:Coded secret ending

    Re: Coded secret ending 20 Trophies = Secret Ending. All Trophies = Mickey Mouse avatar. Got this info from a Tetsuya Nomura interview so i'm pretty sure its accurate. Hope it helps!
  13. Oblivious Light

    Tag mode question

    Do any of you know how long it normally takes for ghosts to appear? And if i can leave my DS closed?
  14. Oblivious Light

    Just a few things I noticed. (Not spoiling anything, really)

    What he was saying is that there is more in Days than in Re Coded. Which in turn allows Re Coded to run more smoothly because of its small size.
  15. Oblivious Light

    I'm at Agrabah someone please help me?

    When i hit castle oblivion i was only level 17. I finished most the levels at a very low level. Your abilitys are really what matters
  16. Oblivious Light

    Castle Oblivion question

    I had the problem with the agrabah card as well. I fhtat is the one where you break all the blocks i had to remove the Jafars kill all the heartless and reach iago under a minute not over. It was very annoying i went through it like 5 times before i got that damn card.
  17. Oblivious Light

    What keyblades are there?

    Hey i was wondering which keyblades were in this game. I have all the ones up to Castle Oblivion and i was wondering what the other ones were and how i could get them.
  18. Oblivious Light

    Help with Wonderland Boss

    As far as a S - Rank goes can't help you but with the boss just keep maxing out your lock ons on him and spam the dodge roll ability.
  19. Oblivious Light

    Ending cards help

    I got all the cards but the hollow bastion ones. I hate them so much! T_T