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    Roxas...Ven? *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS :X*

    Hey people. I wanted to have your oppion on Ven. If you have not seen the video or played Birth By Sleep you probably wont know. So you know how Ven was wearing Roxas's wristband, and when his helmet smashed, and he was identical to Roxas. What do you think about that? him with Aqua and Terra...
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    Roxas or Sora?

    I want YOUR awnser. Who would be the the better Weilder? Roxas? or Sora? personaly, I'm not sure. They're both awesometastical. lol.
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    KH Computer Remake

    I don't know if you should though...you could get caught. It's like.......illegal.
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    Who's your fave KH character?

    I'd have to say Sora. He's like the main caracter and he's a hereo.
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    KH Computer Remake

    coooooool.although it might be like copyright and all that.
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    The key blade maker?

    hey does anyone know who made the key blade?
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    this sounds sooo stupid but......

    To tell the truth I don't have any of the games. My bff does and we play it all the time and she's getting number after we finish number one.