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    Kingdom Hearts 3 News

    http://ps3.qj.net/Rumor-PS3-Tokyo-Game-Show-list/pg/49/aid/58717 as well as previews for cool new games like God of War 2 and 3, GTA 4, Spiderman 3, Silent Hill 5, MGS 4, and Killzone 3, they have, yes... KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!! woot! looking forward to what the preview has in store
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    Omg, what did I miss!

    Download the movie! They have it on www.kh-vids.net I havent watched it myself, but im sure its good!
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    Cutscenes in Quicktime?

    Can sombody give me a link to the cutscenes for KH in quicktime, like the ones on kh-vids.net? Im a mac user, you see, and iMovie wont import them unless theyre in .mov format or .avi format. Can anybody help? Ive tried installing plugins, but they all are trials and dont give me the full movie...
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    New English Cutscene **HUGE SPOILERS**

    New cutscene! In English! http://youtube.com/watch?v=MIIl-OF19j8 HUGE SPOILERS
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    You guys saw this one too, right?

    **SLIGHT SPOLIERS** http://youtube.com/watch?v=4iu5-J--Ahw The Radiant Garden cutscene? Sorry if this is old...\ Can't wait for this game to come out!!!
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    EGM Article + Game Stop Trailer!

    Well, at least we get a little bit more of Sanctuary from the trailer! Does anybody here have super hearing to figure out the new found lyrics?
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    Kingdom Hearts II Review *no spoilers*

    This guy is writing it like the game is targeted only at kids that are 7 years old. This game is targeted at a huge audience, not just the ones who actually watch disney movies
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    Organization XIII Sheet Music?

    Can anybody direct me as to where I could get the sheet music for the XIII Org. theme song? If you don't know the song, it's the one that plays during Deep Dive
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    Completely Summarize the Story?

    Could someone please summarize the story completely? There's a shiesta load of sotry that I just can't seem to put together, like what really is the Deep Dive city/ World that Never Was? And why is Mickey there? I'm confused. 3 Ansems? DiZ, Xenohartah..hard...xenahardon... yeah and Ansem...
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    Sorry if I'm being n00bish. I would like to watch the cutscene videos, but most of them arent translated right there. COuld someone direct me toward translations for the cutscenes?
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    Why,why, Why???

    Or the whole dream, you know you actually HAVE the game, but you cant get the packaging open, so you hav e to get home to get scisors (however you spell that) and the whole dream is one BIG F**KING TRAFFIC JAM! And then when you get home you wake up
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    KH2 passion planet B remix HERE

    I posted this about a month ago
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    Wow... just wow...

    Go to GameInformer.com and then go to the KH2 section if you havent already. Go to Media and watch "First Boss", this refers to the first boss fight in the Awakening against the big Nobody. **UPDATE** There is also a new IGN article on KH2 Here: http://ps2.ign.com/articles/678/678511p1.html New...
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    Twilight Town MP3

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    the battle with the load of heartless

    This is exactly what I hope happens, all the characters from the game come to help you fight that ENORMOUS battle
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    What Would You All Like To See?

    No no this forum is for video footadge we would like to see, he has the jap version of KH2. Check the videos
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    What Would You All Like To See?

    Okay, that Valor Form video kicks of teh assness I would like to see Port Royal WITHOUT SPOILERS plz Maybe the Tron world, that would be cool And how about the Timeless River... yeah... Sorry if thats too many requests
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    Worlds that you would like to see

    Although Square Enix have chosen some pretty cool worlds to put in KH, think of all the ones that they haven't done that would rock, like Pixar movies. So I compiled a list of pretty much all the ones that they could do. -Monster's Inc. -A Bug's Life -Toy Story (Maybe, Story wouldn't really fit...
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    I guess so, either that or they ripped it off the DVD from their comp
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    **The Spoiler Free Thread**

    Yes, this thread is for those who have been following every single, tiny, microscopic peace of KH2 info since the beginning of "hmm... I just beat KH1, i wonder if they will make kh2..." until...NOW! Now, all those american people who are smart enough to wait until the US release, are being put...