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    Anime Songs

    Can someone give me a website where I can get Anime theme songs for my ipod?
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    Sea Salt Ice Cream

    Well I think there's a thread that has a pic. The one who sttarted said it was real but I can't find the thread.
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    Sea Salt Ice Cream

    This might all ready be a thread but does anyone know if Sea Salt Ice Cream is real?
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    D.N.Angel: Rebirth

    The Phatom Theif Dark. He can steal anything in the world. including your Heart. The Niwa family has a curse. Every so often a boy will be born with the D.N.A to transform into the Phatom Theif Dark whenever they feel strong feelings of love. One such Niwa has been born Kai Niwa. Now he must go...
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    The Last Coliseum Battle

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    The Last Coliseum Battle

    Can some one tell me how to open the Paradox Hades Tournament? I've beaten all the other ones and I'm close to the final battle.
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    Oriculum +...

    How do you get the one form the Goddess of Fate Tournement? I get get it an option.
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    Help with end of Sora CoM (BLUE 1 CARD)

    When this happened to me I went back to the first world and used nothing but low power spell cards. Try it out.
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    Kingdom Hearts II display is here.

    I have seen the display for Kindom Hearts II at the mall( EB Games). I also heard it won't come out till March :mad: :( . Do you think that's ture?
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    Hey. I tried to make my RPG character but it says my IP number has been banned. what does that mean and how do I fix it?
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    Hey. I'm Clow Reed I and love Kingdom Hearts so I joined the forum. Hope we all have fun.