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    Possibly the biggest biotch ever

    Mods Remove This Removing No need to keep this drivel
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    Your all forgetting what Numora said in one of his interviews, or maybe it was theory I can't remember. Sora and Roxas both weild one Keyblade at the same time, when Sora is using his KB Roxas is too, Now for the time Sora was asleep and not using his, Roxas was able to use Soras, as soon as...
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    About the Key Blades littering the new KH2 secret movie

    Has anyone else noticed that there are Key Blades that are from KH2 and Final Mix KH2? A example would be the Fenirir Key blade. I think another was from Agrabah. So yeah anyone else noticed this?
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    synthezizing ultima weapon before final bosses

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oHK2Bma_rI&mode=related&search=ok people I have finaly found it a vid of sora with the ultima weapon fighting roxas you can only get the ultima weapon after you fight xenmas but but because of this evidence that is possible to synthesize it before the final bosses...
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    Bush Banning anime not good

    http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/saveanime!!/signatures?start=150 Guys sign this we need this if you ever want to see a kh3 again sign it because kh is techniacaly anime in video game form
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    Curseing KH2

    someone could pay the guy eho does mickeys voive and do a flash or something
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    Hottest guys in KH2

    Well you guys forgot one important person my exgirlfriend who I still love like almost orgasmed(well I can't say that she did but as soon as she saw him in my strategy guide she was all over every page with seifer putting the japanese symbol for love on his abbs) to siefer she thinks he is the...
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    Official Ultima Weapon Guide

    I have the ultima on my standard mode game and I didn't even have the number of orchulum plus needed I am guessing it was that cut in half thing I got 6 of those. And is it possible to get ultima without cheating before the fight scene with Roxas I saw it happen before on some video and at that...
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    G4 commercial

    Watch g4 they have commercials for kh2 yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay *goes to watch more g4*
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    where can i find the msn messenger virus i want to crash all the school computers here because its fun
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    KH2 price

    my parent are cheap so i cant buy it even if i have the money my dad says the price will go daown in a month ha thats a laugh
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    what does aisai mean i get a special reward if i figure it out
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    i remember that now know one nomoura never explained that i think wasnt it edited out i dont remember
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    has anyone seen any KH2 comercials yet?

    well who knows se is mysterious and disney is evil sometimes so lets wait
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    is it possible?

    like the ratchet and clank save system where you keep everything you currently have
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    English Passion (Sanctuary) version

    *must hold back keyblade of smiting in the nuts must hhhhrrrrrbla* ghost grim "you killed me jerk"
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    KH2 Advertisment

    In the sub city going to check eb games has a cardbord thing then steel it or my gf will do it bc shes better at steeling things so watch out ebgs
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    To Do list before kh2 comes out?

    1) probably have a orgy with my girlfriend and no not the orgy the perverts are thinking of 2)get some money sometime probaly from mom are get a advance on my allowance for the next year 3) Go to florida with my sis cuz I have to see my mom on every break 4)sit on my arse and hook my newps2 the...
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    Ever had a weird surprise?

    BLeh whats the point of myspace. oh and i got my gf to try playing it but she doesnt have a power coord for her gamescreen. and i know the ultimate fan of kh lives for kh and been my buddy since 5thgrade in fact i introduced him to kh and the videogaming world. aaah fun memories. funny thing...
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    Who is That Guy?

    i like being a drama king ya go away