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    kh final mix thing

    i was watching the secret video in kh2 and then was looking at the helmet of the knight in the v jump scan, and none of the 3 knights u see in kh2 have helmuts that go down that far. so maybe theres more then 3. i duno.
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    lol new formation arts

    how can you guys say SWEET ACTION FIGURE and stuff. just cause it kh dosen tmake it good. it looks like a peice of crap. go to spawn.com and see what real nice figures look like.
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    I Need More Help W/Axel Battle!!!

    just keep trying 2525252552525
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    roxas heartless thing

    i dont know if it was in deep dive or asas. but when roxas walks out to xemnas on the beach he has a heartless symbol on him. (roxas). so....why? hes nto a heartless.
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    xehanorts heartless fake?

    hey remeber how the fake ansem put the emblems on artificially created heartless. well xehanorts heartless wasnt made artifuicially, so why the emblem in the middle of his chest?
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    rikus noboy!

    for all of you out there that say riku never lost his heart, his body was just taken over. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xehanort read under where is says kingdom hearts. it says xehanorts heartless cast away rikus heart to control him totally.
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    Anyone else buy a GBA just for CoM?

    i did too :D YOUR NOT ALONE!!!
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    axel's someone

    hey, so if FF and KH are the same universe. then wouldnt it make alot of sense that axels someone would be reno from ff7? same color hair, they both have like tattoos or paint under their eyes. same voice, same attitude. let me know what you think.
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    Org. XIII clothes

    u guys are retarded, u dont need ebay, if u want a really good one just go to www.abbyshot.com
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    Org. XIII clothes

    abbyshot.com 2525252525252525
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    Kingdom Hearts II?

    im getting sick of it, i see the same threads and polls again and again, i think im done with the forums until some news comes out.
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    quiz link

    anyone know where i can take a quiz to see which org member you are???
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    KH goes platinum

    im really hoping for a 26 ep anime
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    1000 Heartless Battle

    *bigger sry
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    1000 Heartless Battle

    i would have rather had much bigger game then have got it earlier cause they rushed it
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    1000 Heartless Battle

    i was pretty pissed off about that
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    probably stupid but...

    thats not Xehanort, but it is his heartless. you can tell because he has th heartless symbol. and if u read the ansem reports only heartless that are artificially created have that symbol.
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    is com worth it

    no, it gets really boring and repetitive. i didnt like it, and if u already know the story theres no point.
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    Message to Kh2 Lovers (i wanna tell you somethin!)

    tell him to talk to the guy who made it, and maybe the can hang out in HIS GIANT HOUSE WITH MONEY FOR TOILET PAPER. HAHAH but for real nomura has got to have more money then that kid is ever guna make.
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    hey i have the ARMAX and ive been to code junkies but i keep hearing about codes that let you play as other characters, or get all the keyblades. can some one pleeease tell me where i can see them. and yes i already beat the game, im not a cheater just bored.