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    Donald and Goofy's Weapons??

    this may have already been posted but i search for it and got nowhere. in the begining of kingdom hearts, sora's wooden sword does not kill the heartless because they said he needed a keyblade to do so. yet donald's and goofy's weapons aren't keyblades. so why do they hurt the heartless... but...
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    Kingdom hearts 2 poster!

    that's weird because i have the may disney adventures and it doesnt have a kh2 poster. did u buy it at the store?
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    Kingdom Hearts II -- Rated T for Teen?!

    yeah i noticed that the guide was rated t but the game was rates e10 at best buy. i dont think they'd make a typo like that
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    Is It Just Me ??

    yes there was a lot of long cutscenes but i enjoy watching them. and didn't nomura say it was supposes to be twice as long and stuff?
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    White Mushrooms In Traverse Town

    This is a fairly easy way to get the Fire Arts, Blizzard Arts, or Thunder Arts (and the gems that correspond) from the white mushrooms in Traverse Town. 1. Go into Second District and go into the hotel. 2. Go into the Green Room. 3. Go outside into the allyway. 4. Grab on the roof and flip up...
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    FFX-2 Endings

    ok so this probably sounds like a retarded question but does anyone know where i can find all five of the ffx-2 endings. i tries to search on google but got nothing and youtube had the same ones over and over.
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    For those of you who went back and played KH1 again...

    Did it seem REALLY DIFFERENT of is it just me. Like I was super annoyed when I couldn't skip the cutscenes and the graphics aren't as clear. To me KH1 seemed a lot harder than KH2. What do you think?
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    Backwards Sanctuary

    hey guys i reversed sanctuary so here it is http://www.sendspace.com/file/w3vtyd and look for a simple and clean reversal as well pm me if the link expires
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    *Spoiler*Here is the anwser to KH2 secret ending confusion!

    wow i like it but it might not be accurate in all ways
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    Create-a-KH2 toyline

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    Drive Form Coincidence?

    i was really bored in reading class
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    Create-a-KH2 toyline

    Kingdom Hearts DDR! the characters could be the dancers, the songs would be songs from the game and the background graphics could be the cut scenes in the games.
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    Drive Form Coincidence?

    someone tell me if this is stupid and pointless but have any of you noticed that DONALD has the same number of letters ad WISDOM and GOOFY has the same as VALOR? and even though you cant drive with him, MICKEY has the same amount of letters as MASTER. coincidence, or not.
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    Question about Namine...

    Ok. This might seem stupid and all but people's nobodies (sora/roxas, ansem/Xemnas etc.) have the letters mixed up from the real person's name. i understand that the org. 13 members' have X's in them, but what i don't get is how Namine got her name. was kairi's name something different...
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    what would you like to see in KH3

    sora, kairi, and riku fighting together. that would be nice.
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    What was your saddest part in KH2? (Possible spoilers)

    when everyone was back on the island at the end
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    What if Disney Took Over KH...

    Not that its gonna happen anytime soon or anything... but what if it did? No more FF characters or fighting Sephiroth :( , they'd probably get one of their actors/singers to do the theme, like Hilary Duff *cringe* or that hannah montana girl or whatever, the worlds will all be retarded (like...
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    KH2's secret ending

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    KH2's secret ending

    this probably sounds like a stupid question but where can i find the secret ending online?? the filefront link doesn't exactly work and i really want to see it.