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    Terra's Scenario

    nevermind, it looks like it is vens scenario. misleading title Edit: nevermind it just takes a while to get to terra, he truely starts on part 5
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    Terra's Scenario

    Justin.tv - KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep (Terra part1) 1/15 part one of a terra stream
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    Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread

    Re: The Official Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread i don't feel like reading every single post so i am not entirely sure whether this has been posted or not, but from the looks of it that isn't a real keyblade he's holding its the hand made wooden one that we have seen in a few screenshots and videos
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    Land of Departure and The World That Never Was

    LoD being CO from KH1 makes the most sense to me. for the simple fact that the main lanmarks match up
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    Bbs article

    thanks lissar, i hope you realize just how much the entire KH insider community appreciates your translations. :u )
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    Terra is not Xehanort

    not true, if you look at AtW's apprentice Xehanort's picture in ansems study (the room in RG where you get a drive form from mickey) you'll see that he had fair skin edit: took another look and he has brown hair there too, further supporting the Terra = Xehanort theory. take a look for yourself...
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    The ability to summon Kingdom Heart (theory)

    i like it, it seems to make sense, it doesn't seem to contradict anything we've seen so far.
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    Another theory on why Roxas looks like Ven

    yeah, it was just something that popped into my head after having been up for the past 19 hours or so.
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    Another theory on why Roxas looks like Ven

    ok, a bit of an addition/elaboration to it. possibly sora's heart is too weak and would give into the darkness too easily. if ven mended soras heart with his own before the whole "erase me" bit perhaps the erase me part is ven feeling the after effects of his actions and not wanting to continue...
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    Another theory on why Roxas looks like Ven

    i'll keep this fairly straight and to the point. roxas looks like ven, my theory on why that is, is as follows: something was happening to soras heart when he was 4 or 5 (however old he was during the events of BBS). seeing this Ven decides to sacrifice himself to save sora by mending soras hear...
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    The connection finally explained (SPOILERS)

    riight... i was wrong about that. but i still hold fast to the second part of my statement
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    The connection finally explained (SPOILERS)

    if i remember correctly strike raid is given to sora by cloud, sora doesn't inherently know it. and i doubt that ven was friends with sora, nor had sora seen ven fight. remember sora was 4 at the point BBS takes place. why would ven take an interest in a 4 year old and try to befriend him let...
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    Vanitas is Xehanort (from KHII)

    ok, the way i see it, this name connection could be taken in a slightly different direction. i read a post saying that Vanitas could have been fused with terra, that got me thinking. with the first post it was mentioned that Xemnas' power is derived from nothingness, could it be possible that...