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    More Vjump Scans

    Apprentice Vanitas has a nice looking keyblade. Who is he exactly, we will find out soon enough. Seems like they all are working together in the beginning of the story, something must go wrong.
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    The Official "Days is Released so Post Here About that Fact" Discussion Thread.

    I am on the 117 day. So far the story has been getting interesting now.
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    The Official "Days is Released so Post Here About that Fact" Discussion Thread.

    Went over to Gamestop today and picked it up. So far I am on Day 14. Type B controls are so much better than Type A.
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    3 Reasons why Pinocchio's World should be in BBS.

    Re: 3 Reasons why Pinocchio's World will be in BBS. From viewing that clip, I never knew in Pinnochio they said jackass haha.
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    Dengeki Games Nomura Interview Translation

    Nomura reveals more info and we still have questions for it lol. I like how their will be different scenarios for VAT and not be all the same or have shorter campaigns. When Nomura mentioned they will split after a certain point, it might mean when Terra joins the Disney Villains side, they will...
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    kh:bbs coop assists pics

    I like the inclusion of the multiplayer mode and being able to play in the armor. The question is whether or not we will be seeing the armor more in the campaign, not including the ending or when your in space.
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    New Famitsu Scans & Translations! Dwarf Woodlands + Neverland [FINAL]

    Dwarf Woodlands and the inclusion of Neverland is awesome. The plots of the worlds is better this time around and much more serious. I'd expect a dark theme with Snow White since it is a dark story.
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    BbS in TGS2009 Infor

    Noticing keychains on their blades. I hope someone can be able to get the new footage and gameplay.
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    Lack of Ven

    Not that much game play of Aqua has been put out so I mean the characters will all be equal.
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    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    KH1 was more of a challenge then number 2. I wish 2 had more secret boss battles like the first game.