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    racing Riku

    running into the water is faster? i never did that... T__T that's annoying that it stoped at 99..i wanted it to say 100 at least.... i didn't even try fighting Riku. pfft maybe if i was a level 10 or something from fighting Wakka
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    racing Riku

    the race was easy! oooooh course i didn't get it the first time...but that's because I didn't know what i was doing. i even went extra careful on the steps up to the fight with Darkside because i thought you could fall off and die. pfft i was a moron... i always go off the little cliff. and i...
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    Riku's weapon

    yeah i never really noticed that. maybe He stole Riku's Soul Eater when he possessed him? It kinda doesn't seem like it. and where did Riku get the Soul Eater anyway? (and just to be annoying l'll ask another question) why did Ansem pick Riku to take over? O_o my brain hurts...too much...
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    Everyone who thinks BHK is Sora read this!

    If Sora and BHK aren't connected, why would they even put him in the game at all? It seems like a waste of time to randomly put in a character that doesn't have something to do with the main character. They don't necessarily have to be related somehow. there's my thoughts, whether you wanted...
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    *gasp* not another new person!! *sigh*

    hi! not another newbie! well, l'm just a newbie to this site ;) l'm also on ACF, with the same name (geez l'm so original) l'll try and get on whenever i can :D (and if you are too lazy like to me type Naroshi you can call me Naro or Rikku. either one works fine)