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    Sora/Haley Joel Similarity

    *cough cough* Sora, Cute. Of course his hot and all, its a game :O They make all the main characters in games hot, cool, and sexy Main character of FF8 and other stuff :O If Sora was in real life that would be somthing differant xD
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    Sora/Haley Joel Similarity

    Woah! He does sorta look like him o_0 And I saw him on other shows two ^^;; He seems sorta cute ( '.') Gahh....*slaps herself* anyway...He really does sorta look like Sora 0_0 Anyone notice it to? Go to google and tpye under images "Haley Joel Osment" Right? is that him?!
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    How it begins

    Thats not very nice >:( I think its a great theory, Possible 50% of it might happen :P (I still need to work on my sig, its my first time)
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    BHK's Name

    I like it to be Tika , lol
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    3 secret keyblades!

    O...k, This has been raging on for a while. Does anyone care if there are 3 fake/real keyblades. Why not ask Nomura and say if there are or somthing. It would stop all this racket if Nomura said 'No' Right?
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    KH2 Trailer w/Utada...

    You dont have to call him a noob because he doesnt know. Everyone was a noob at somthing once you know. Like when you were 2, You were a newb at reading :P. So dont call people a noob when your a noob to *haha*
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    Help on Kurt Zisa

    I have a beta stratergie -.-! All I do is use aero before the silenceing thing takes effect on you, Then go for it and hit the orbs in his hands, try not to get hit so much because you have a limited potions >.< AFter his on the ground swaying his head? Use aeroa/aeroga and smack him, the arero...
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    Have there been a short playable one of kingdomes hearts 2?

    well...its doesnt seem important..kinda embarrassing >.< but if u want to see them go to this site and look through all the screenshots, if everyone already knows...plz say nothing at all.... http://ps2.ign.com/objects/550/550308.html
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    Have there been a short playable one of kingdomes hearts 2?

    or does anyone even noe what the HP and MP gauge looks like at all? or the little menu that shows Attack Magic Item -
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    Have there been a short playable one of kingdomes hearts 2?

    well..i kinda see a few screen shots of somone playing the game.....theres one wif sky upside down twirling his keyblade wif some fat heartless on the bottom...
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    Have there been a short playable one of kingdomes hearts 2?

    I was wondering but have there been a very short PLAYABLE noe of kingdomhearts 2?
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    White Dusks

    im new here so someone tell me what "Diz" is?!?!
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    Create an Enemy Boss 1.0

    Valmar Exp: 85, 000 Very Hard attacks: tele, wing block, dark fume. HP: 200 (no joke) Journal info: A heartless that likes to evade and rarly attacks. It will sometimes summon huge wings to block all attacks. Wohoo.. :D Description: Glowing purple ball the size of basketball.
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    Darkness or light

    I like dark ^_^. Because its always feel good to kill good and other stuff >.< lol
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    Dream weapons

    For the Dream Shield for Goofy you need to beat the Hades Cup on Time Trial.
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    Dream weapons

    I was wondering but does anyone know if theres a Dream Sword? Theres a Dreaom Rod for donald and Dream Shield for goofy but not for Soras? Ive checked loads of faqs and all but it doesnt say :confused: :confused: Does anyone know how to get the dream Sword? And by the way...Ive just...