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    my thoughts about the connection of VAT and SKR and xion

    What about their names? Aqua= Well, water Kairi: Water
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    !!!Fight the enigmatic soldier. wha. how?!!!

    Chipmunks. It's Chip and Dale, of course. And when you say Enigmatic Soldier, of course, you mean Terra?
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    we need help!

    Forms, button mashing, and combos with Tron and the other party member are the key.
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    Ultima and Pooh

    So I've been trying to get Ultima for a while now, but theres one problem. I can't find the last Winnie the Pooh page. I beat the part about the cave, and it seems like there should be something else in the last section, I searched everywhere for the last page, but it is nowhere to be found...
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    Keyblade Wielders?

    Well, Kairi is a princess of Heart, and all of the Princesses of Heart can weild them. Riku was supposed to have the keyblade, but the night he excepted the dakrness, the keyblade realized it should go to Sora. Riku still has the ability to weild it since his heart is strong enough. MIckey...
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    Um... Sup?

    I'm xxEvanxx and I just joined. Really, the only reason I joined was to play Inferno, because I got bored. No offense, but I like kh-vids.net better than this site. But this site is awesome, too! Sometimes khv gets it's info from you guys! So.. yeah, post number 1.