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    deep dive city theory

    lol all ur guys theories so far are basically the same thing. and kairi gets herself into way to much trouble for anyones good. cuz shes going to get everyone she cares about killed. though whats the point of loving some1 if ur not even going to protect them. they should have taken kairi with...
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    Intro Movie

    it would probly be sora reminising about what happens in kingdom hearts to the the start of the game but passing the com stuff since that technically doesnt even exist to sora or his companions anymore and wondering y he hed been in a strange pod or at least ud hope hed wonder but he is kinda...
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    Cloud's Side Story(Theory, but may be true.)

    seph will probly oft aerith like he did in FF7 or similar to it though. i doubt they would kidnap her. but i doubt they'll have a side story for it. but it might be part of main story instead making it like a special side quest.
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    Sora's other side

    well with this new bhk theory about sora and riku = siru which i think is purposterous is that you use bhk in the latter part of the game. but u know those crazy japanese ppl lol it will probly happen.
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    Worst Rumors.

    thats not really a rumor alot of magazines even some major websites beilive it to be true. and they wouldnt post it if it was such a wild rumor. and that one fight scene with the dusks when micky saved their buts it looked just like yoda im not saying that it is im just making a comparison...
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    why are they hiding Riku?

    wow glad u shared ur sick raiden fantasy with the rest of the world. GJ now excuse me while I go bash my head into the wall.
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    BHKs name revealed...(???)

    whoa, whoa, whoa u found siru in the japanese dictionary u gotta be freaking kidding me. but its more proof than anyone else disproving his name or for the name. if not just u trying to sound cool and im gonna chop off ur fingers. well i would if this was a foreign country to allow that for a...
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    FF Summons...Missing? You Decide

    they arleady included the FF summons somewhat they used their names for gummi ship designs but personally i think that it disrespected the summons since that aspect of the gummi ships sucked. and besides in the first one i nvr even used the summons.
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    Names of character

    well just because micky was a king doesnt mean he didnt want to learn anything kings can have interests in stuff outside of politics. and siru thats an alright name it could have been worse. and its definately better than BHK.
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    Light Cycle battles

    yah this minigame will be so much better than hundred acre woods ones ooooo the digital carnage.
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    U.S. Release? (Speculation in Progress...)

    awww muffinman y did you have to go and burst their bubble. they can dream cant they. lol I agree with muffinman. but if it comes out later then I already expect which is mid to late march. ill be pissed unless its very early april like april 1 lol and then theyd be like nope we were kidding...
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    Light Cycle battles

    omg light cycles as day/night cycles you guys kill me. Light cycle is just a motorcycle that when it moves it leaves a wall like trail and the purpose of the trail is to make ur enemies run into it thus destroying them. you can also make ur enemies run into their own trail.
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    What other Character would u fuse with Sora?

    u dont know what it would do cmon loyal subject I know u have an imagination. I would like a fuse between sora and dark riku and call it twilight form that uses light and dark based attacks and a special called catastrophe where he jumps and colides both light and dark energies causing a large...
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    New about Master Form

    I had that same theory in another thread oblivion. Its the most likely thing to happen is a permanent fuse. that is if BHK is the missing part of soras heart which sounds freaking weird a part of a heart hmmmm how is that even possible.
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    New about Master Form

    if it is the fusion of bhk and sora I doubt it would be a form theyve revealed im sure there is more than just the three and the mulan world is probly early-mid to mid game thus the fusion that includes donald and goofy.
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    New about Master Form

    personally i dont think sora has the brain power to wield three keyblades at once. but no offence to sora I like the char its just hes kinda dopey. well maybe hes changed I mean we really havent seen that much content about who he is now. compared to who he was in KH and CoM. so he could be...
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    I think they cast off their bodies like ansem but only realised that doing so in a way made them weaker. because if the heartless took their hearts the body wouldnt remain. and some members clearly want to be completed if not all.
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    Where's Aerith?

    seph probly killed her like in FF7 that would explain the rumored cloud side story. though i think theyre crack heads for assuming there was.
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    something about the organization

    they would be like ansem they would be like phantoms unless the reason for theyre lost hearts is because of the heartless though I doubt the heartless did it because it seems they control the heartless. so they wouldnt use what took their hearts they would be destroying them. unless not all the...
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    Final Boss?

    well riku could be a possiblity. I mean than havent shown hide nor hair of him at all. But I doubt it unless hes possesed and i dont think he will let that happen again. and Kairi omg theres no way she wouldn't last long in a fight so theres no point in possesing her. though it would be one...