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    What did you like most about BbS?

    what?! Then there'll be no KH =( lol Never played BBS, but I like how it looks by the trailer
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    is 358/2 days worth getting?

    If you wanna know a little more about Roxas. Like how it all started and his relationship with Axel and Xion, then go for it =] It's a bittersweet story, but personally I enjoyed playing it. And although crazy KH fans calls her a Mary Sue =p She spices up the emotion in the game pretty well and...
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    anyone else spoiled themselves?

    I sorta spoiled myself but I don't understand Japanese so xD I won't be getting a PSP any time soon, so I don't really mind spoils =p But I would buy it if I had one =(
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    need some help with kh1

    if i remember it right...you have to pick the dolphin that takes you to that cave hole--the one with spiraling wind that pushes you out whenever you try to get in. Once in, let go of the dolphin and into a another hole on your right. It should be Ursula's lair or something like that there. Sorry...
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    Question about disc burning

    Can't think of a title. >> Anyways, I just burned about 15 discs and I was wondering thwere the data goes in the computer while burning...because I checked the Drive capacity space before I start burning. It was 104 billion bytes at the start. Right now, I'm down to the last disc and the...
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    Starting Over On Kh2

    I never start over, no time. I just play my file to its fullest potential until it's 100%, which took me 2 years @_@
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    Lvling up Summon

    I maxed out all of the drive forms. Now it leaves the summon left. Is there an easier way to lvl this ? xD I get tired of flying back to Olympia match to fill up my drive gauge.
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    Which boss was most Hard/annoying

    Xenmas, because he keeps on knocking me back out to space. =/