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    New Video; Shows EVERY Org Member

    I would like to say the bandwith was used up so no one can see it right now. Maybe someone can post it on an alternate address?
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    Spoilers! Pics of Riku

    Re: Pictures of Riku. Wow he deffinately grew up didn't he? Cool.
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    Final Form

    Wow here we have people fighting over the form that seems to be on everyones mind. Quit being so upset and please stick to the issue of the forum. It makes everything a whole lot smooth. Also, no there has not been any footage yet of it.
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    You have it right so far. Like I said in my theory that I first posted a couple weeks back..Darkness for Sora could be Axel. Look up the thread if you want to know what my theory is. I don't like to repeat myself too much ^_^;;
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    White Heartless Idea

    Alright here is my idea of the white heartless with one of the Ansem Reports to back it up. The white heartless are artifical heartless that ansem created that just finally were either released or escaped from where Ansem had them confined. The following is my support of this theory by the way...
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    Who would you like to see in KH2?

    Taran and Gurgi and the others from the Black Cauldron would be fun to have in the game! I am for all that and more from that story ..I loved them when I was a little kid.
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    Kingdom hearts 2 going to take forever to beat!

    I just can't wait to play it! But I mean I am just glad it is going to be long, but anything like that always takes me a long time anyways. KH2 is going to be the highlight of the beginning of the year that is for sure.
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    Kingdom hearts 2 going to take forever to beat!

    Interesting. Three hours before the logo shows up? Okay here is a good question to you...Did you calculate this yourself or did you find this somewhere. We all know it's going to be a LONG game but, then again we have some people that will make it through in about less than a week. I am not...
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    My Official BHK Theory

    Well if you piece it together like that it makes it almost believable! Good try and I hope that you find it your way, but I personally think it would be more of a twist for Axel, Sora and BKH to have the connection that I spoke of in my first post ever (which didn't stay around long) of the...
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    What's the big deal about KH2 anyway?

    This game was one of the first games I played and at first I was like, okay. This is a stupid game concept and it's for babies and then a year later my friends bought it for me after it came out because I got so interested in some of the characters. Riku quickly became my favorite character in...
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    *Theory* BHK and Riku, More of a Connection then ppl think...

    It's an interesting theory kinda supporting what I already wrote out but cept with Riku thrown into the mix. Hm it could work but like I said it's a small chance that mine was even close and this one has the same potential to work but also the same potential to be wrong.
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    Not Sure about this command menu.

    Could it just be a phase of a world? Like isn't underworld supposed to be in there from Hercules? It's just a thought ya know? I don't know that for sure right now.
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    Sora's Emotions

    This is a good idea but that would just mean if they were split or he was made like the clone of Riku that they could ultimately have a free will. If you think about the clone turning and helping out in CoM from what I remember then I would think that BHK could also have claimed a free will of...
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    Just an Idea that was tossed around: Regaurding Axel, Sora and BHK

    Well yeah, It is just something that my friend and I thought about together and discussed with our other friends. Because if you think about it and the hints dropped and also going back and reading some of the journals and profiles of characters from CoM and KH1 then it seems like it's a high...
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    Kairi a.k.a. Sitting Unknown

    You never know. Like someone said up above and it makes a good point, Kairi is comatose for most of the first game and hence we do no truly know what she can do. Also, Sora DID stop her from going because he cared about her enough not to get her hurt I suppose so there could have been that...
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    Just an Idea that was tossed around: Regaurding Axel, Sora and BHK

    Well also they made a good argument up top too. He could have just formed that way because darkness if you think about it in aspects of our own lives were be like an adult as opposed to a teenager (who could be said to be in twilight) and then innocence (being a child.) if you think about it...
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    Just an Idea that was tossed around: Regaurding Axel, Sora and BHK

    I am glad you think so ^_^ It makes me very at ease now to know that it seems like it's a good idea or musing.
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    Just an Idea that was tossed around: Regaurding Axel, Sora and BHK

    Just like Sora came from another world and how there is speculation that BHK is a fragment of Sora when he became a heartless and lost his heart Axel could be another product that happened because of his turning heartless.
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    Just an Idea that was tossed around: Regaurding Axel, Sora and BHK

    Hey there guys! I am new so please don't bash me or flame me right off without reading what I have written first on the topic. I have an idea of what could be going on but, most of it is just my friends and I sitting around and speculating and looking at the trailers for the second game and...