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    TAV keyblades in KH2 Secret Ending

    Nice observation. Never thought of that.
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    TAV keyblades in KH2 Secret Ending

    Alright, will do. Thanks.
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    Ansem SoD and Sora's Heartless

    That's not my question though. See my first post.
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    Ansem SoD and Sora's Heartless

    I'm just sayin that the only distinctions between Emblems and Purebloods that we have is that Emblems have emblems and that Purebloods completely consume the heart. So why does Ansem SoD have an emblem and a heart completely consumed by darkness? It doesn't make sense to me. Oh. Then there's...
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    Ansem SoD and Sora's Heartless

    Idk if this has already been brought up, but I just wanted some perspective on it. It's been said that Sora and Ansem SoD kept their consciousness while they were Heartless cause they both became Heartless intentionally. So if that's the case, why is Ansem SoD an Emblem Heartless and Sora's...
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    TAV keyblades in KH2 Secret Ending

    I know. lol. I just realized those were in there and thought I'd bring it up since the events of BbS are kinda unveiled now. Better late than never though...
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    TAV keyblades in KH2 Secret Ending

    Makes sense. And I forgot that was Riku's. Never paid too much attention to the keyblade he used in KH2. And the IKK or KKD (whichever you prefer) didn't really look like it had gold on it in the thing, but that makes sense. So it's obvious how Aqua ties to Mickey. And it's kinda assumed that...
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    TAV keyblades in KH2 Secret Ending

    Has anyone else noticed the keyblades that TAV pick up in the secret ending for KH2? Check it out: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 2 FM Full Secret Ending I'm lookin at it and seems to me that Terra picks up the KK, Aqua picks up something that looks like the KK (with the Mickey keychain and all...
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    what happens when you beat phantom in kh1

    Actually, I think he was harder in KH2. You can beat him at a lower level in KH1 (I beat him around 55 i think, but had to get to like 65 or 70 before I could in KH2). Idk. Maybe it's just me.
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    Question about KH1 Secret boss

    Makes sense. lol. I just didn't know there was a KH1FM. Thanks.
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    Question about KH1 Secret boss

    So I've seen a lot of people talk about how Xemnas appears as a secret boss in KH1, but I've never seen him. I've played the game through on Standard and Expert at 100% completion for both and I've never ever run across this dude. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong/where to find him?
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    where do students get their keyblade?

    Agreed. Riku def touched Terra's keyblade. On top of that Riku to the keyblade from Sora (though there are all kinds a theories about that) and Riku took Roxas' keyblade.
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    Well, I'm pretty sure that it'll be the title of the next game. I mean, we say the phrase "Birth by Sleep" in the last secret ending didn't we? Reconnect is probably just a subtitle for the next KH game. I think it has a lot to do with what's supposed to be goin on in Coded and all the events of...
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    Ain't it just CUTE??

    Just goes to show that when you get tainted by darkness in the KH series, you freakin screw people over! lol.
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    Vanitas and Riku

    There was a link to it on the KHInsider home page a few days ago.
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    Vanitas and Riku

    I think he said in the interview that they were putting the final touches on the last episode of Coded, but it'd be finished by the time the interview was published. Knowing how interviews go, I'd say it was probably within the last 3-4 weeks.
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    Vanitas and Riku

    Nope. Nomura def said that there was a reason behind the connection between Vanitas and Riku. He said to look at every little detail of the game cause it all has meaning to it. I'm def sure that there's some unexplained connection between Kairi's charm and the ones that TAV have too. It kinda...
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    The Destati Voice

    It makes the most sense to me for it to be the person's heart. Or even Kingdom Hearts speaking through the person's heart. the view point of the voice depends on who it's speaking to and it definitely implies that it's different people. It'd make sense though if the voice just took the form of a...
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    Birth by Sleep - Final Mix...?

    I don't think so. I think KH2 Final Mix was just an attempt to tie KH2 together with BbS. It created mad publicity and interest in the BbS which hadn't been revealed until Final Mix came out. I'm pretty sure it was a one time deal since the secret ending of BbS deals pretty specifically with the...
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    [SPOILERS] Vanitas' appearance explained

    dang it. i cant find it in there now. sorry, i'll keep looking.