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    Ar Max Riku Code

    you can get them at walmart.com but not the store and best buy and circut city sry but the double post
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    Ar Max Riku Code

    gameshark isnt at all better and it doesnt have wat im looking for. u have like no freedom on that thing cuz u cant add new codes does anyone notice that this quote is from a kid that has a naruto amatar and he thinks the best game ever is ff8.
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    AR Max or Ps2 Ultimate Codes?

    ar max is the best bcause it comes packed with cheats hen u buy it like gameshark but it also has a cosebreaker type thing where you can make ur own codes if u kno how to do it. u can practically hack the game.
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    Ar Max Riku Code

    does anyone have an AR AMX code for playing as riku? i was trying to find one of these for months until my ps2 broke and i fixed it last night. and i recall someone was working on this code wen it broke. also...i would like to learn HOW TO MAKE THESE CODES. i have ar max i have like 100...
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    Whoa. I just noticed something about the Gambler Nobodies

    co never noticed that even wen i fought the gamblers for 3 days geting twighlight shard
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    Mickey's Letter

    dear sora, wee ummm........ we gota problem here. yeah..... umm..... i got drunk last night and umm..... i lost the keyblade........ the cornerstone of light is... broken witha screwdriver, a sword, a baseball bat, a christmas tree , and...dont tell donald but i killed his uncle. well...i was...
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    help with flash making

    can anyone please recomend a good easy flash movie maker for a beginer?im gona try a kh2 flash project
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    I Need An Ar Max Code.

    does anyone have the ar max code for the road to dawn keyblade in soras slot. i tried i previous thread but it didnt work at all. DONT CRITISISE ME FOR CHEATING. THIS IS JUST FOR GAGS AND EVERYONE HAS ALREADY BEETEN THE GAME IN ALL 3 MODES A MILLION TIMES.:D
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    All Action Replay Max codes for KH2 brought to you by Square.Legend.Network(S.L.N.)

    i got the edge of ultima keyblade to work and the detection saber said it was invalid code. i validly entered the way to dawn in but there was no way to dawn key there! do u gota be in world that never was or somtin?
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    All Action Replay Max codes for KH2 brought to you by Square.Legend.Network(S.L.N.)

    this is awsome. thANKS ALOT MAN. and not everone should be considerd ashamed for cheating, just the people that cant beat the game without them. .::PEACE::.
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    game glitch

    i noticed that wen i was in land of the dragons leveling up valor i went to the village and my valor form was almost gone. i went to a save point , saved my game, and went to the world map and then to the throne room from there. my valor form was gone but MY DRIVE GUAGE WAS AT MAX! (yay!) tell...
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    Riku And Mickey

    why do riku and mickey have robes from the organization on? i never beet COM but my friends told me about it.maybe im missing something. the thing is y do they have those robes?
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    Sora vs Riku

    riku is cooler. but emember at the end hes like: "i always thought i was better at stuff than u."i would like to think that he could beet sora ...but he cant. i still like him better tho.
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    im trying to beet seph at lv 70. its easy until i get to wehn he goes sin harvest. when he flies up in the air i cant hit hit cuz i cant reach him. advice would be good.
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    Final Form

    this soks no ones talkin(sobs while squeeling"nobody likes me!")
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    Final Form

    i kno! i want to KNO if OTHER PEOPLE are making PROGRESS! ( i look at stikies quite often thank u very much)
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    Final Form

    i kno its random i just want to know how many times it took some people so i can try to get a general i dea.i musta turn into valor 20 times, and master 10 times
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    Final Form

    im having some trouble earning final form. i need some advice and information, so can u guys tell me about how many times you used a form after completing memories scyscraper? include what forum you were turning to, which world it was, and and wat level u were. (its okay if u guess)
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    i noticed that the 1st time i posted my fanart the other day u didnt show it. after that i noticed the little sighn that said u cantpost fanfic or make an acount but u can post it again later. i posted again yesterday and again, it aint up. im just wondering : when are we supposed to post...