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    Re: Replicas? *SPOILERS* Well i think the idea of replicas could create a whole world and story potential. Think about it, if you could have replicas, they could do all the dirty work for for you. The purpose of a Xemnas replica could be that he could have a double. In fact, what if the xemnas...
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    Boss battles .... help?

    Heres the Strategy i came up with: He becomes stunned and vulnerable for about 15-20 seconds if you take out all four arms that are around him Take out THREE arms, and get the fourth one down to about one combo left until it's dead Purposely take damage until you are at your limit, and...
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    Things you Like/Disliked about 358/2 days

    It got so tedious and repititious doing the same missions and eating ice cream in front of a sunset every day...(Sheesh) Some of the fights are just ridiculous(like the one with the spider like thing in Halloween town, with the claws that came out of the ground) Cutscenes were badass Panels...
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    What did you do to beat Sephiroth?

    The thing that made the battle for me was definitely the trinity limit.It takes a couple bars out per combo, plus afterwards it leaves him unguarded to wail on him some more. Do this like 3-4 times and hes a goner.
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    Something interesting.....

    So i was looking through the bestiary at the back of the Kingdom Hearts 2 guidebook when i Noticed something...So every enemy is labeled with a symbol as either Nobody, Heartless, or Other(Human). But Hayner and Setzer are labeled as Nobodies in the bestiary.....Is this a misprint or something...
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    Uh...wait a minute

    But theres not that much time between hollow bastion and Castle Oblivion, as opposed to the rest of the year to come, i guess theyll only be there for the beginning of the game.....?
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    Uh...wait a minute

    Excuse me if I've missed something, but i have a question: If 358/2 days takes place over the time when sora slept, then how is it that the organization members killed in CoM are in 358/2 days?